Britain's smallest bakery opens – and is narrower than a baguette

Britain’s smallest bakery opens in Edinburgh – and the tiny shop is narrower than a baguette

  • Sweet Bella’s, in Corstorphine, Edinburgh, was opened by Sarah Bald in August
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Britain’s smallest bakery has opened – and it is so small, it is narrower than a baguette.

Sweet Bella’s sells a range of cupcakes, tray bakes and cookies – all from a shop barely bigger than a cupboard.

Located in Corstorphine in Edinburgh the bakery is just 55cm at its narrowest at the back – about 10cm less than an average baguette.

It was opened in August this year by owner Sarah Bald, 25 – and is getting impressive shares on TikTok.

Sarah, an avid home-baker, had always admired the space – which was once a tiny post office. It finally came on the market earlier this year.

Tiny bakery Sweet Bella’s is so small that at its narrowest point, which is just 55cm, it is less wide than a baguette

25-year-old Sarah Bald (pictured) is the owner of Sweet Bella’s, which she opened recently in August 

According to Sarah, it was difficult to get the bakery set up, and they had to optimise the limited space as well as they could

She jumped at the chance to set up her dream bakery and began the preparations immediately.

Enlisting her mother and a local joiner, the three set about to transform the tiny space into a functional and friendly bakery.

The trio were able to add shelving and a desk to allow Sarah to make the most of the small space.

After opening, a popular Scottish food blogger made a TikTok video highlighting the shop – and it amassed over 62,000 views.

Sarah said: ‘I’d been admiring the space for a year or so – my mum and I would always talk about buying it if it were ever available.

‘When it came about, I couldn’t believe it. 

‘It was absolutely perfect for what I wanted to do.

‘I’d been doing all my baking from home and selling them at markets throughout the year, but this space was absolutely perfect. 

THE WEE SHOP: Quite aptly, there is a tiny sign just above the door of the Edinburgh bakery which sweetly says ‘the wee shop’

The tiny space has been optimised so that Sarah can offer a range of sweet treats, including cupcakes, tray bakes and cookies

Nestled into a tiny spot, Sweet Bella’s is an impressive and creative use of a very limited amount of space

‘It was difficult to get the space set up – we met with a joiner and tried to optimise the space as much as possible.

‘We painted the shelves and put up acrylic sheets, and the joiner put in a desk that lifts up and down, so I can actually leave the shop!’

‘The community has been so lovely. 

‘People have been visiting the shop and telling me how lovely it is.

‘Everyone’s been so supportive, it’s been amazing.’

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