Chocolate fans gutted as Cadbury axes 'the best' treat

Chocolate fans gutted as Cadbury axes ‘the best’ winter treat ahead of Christmas

  • Cadbury’s has discontinued Wispa Hot Chocolate – and fans are devastated
  • READ MORE: Cadbury apologises as fans complain they’re not getting enough of their favourites in tubs – as some claim the Orange Creme has vanished completely! 

It’s almost December – and that means plenty of cosy wintery treats will be added to shopping baskets, except for one popular Cadbury’s drink.

Cadbury UK has officially discontinued the Wispa Hot Chocolate – and fans are gutted after finding out the beloved comfort drink is no longer available.

The news came about after one fan asked the chocolate giant on X, formerly known as Twitter: ‘@CadburyUK why can’t I find Wispa Hot Chocolate anywhere???’

This prompted the company to explain the absence of the hot chocolate from the shelves, saying: ‘The Wispa Gold Hot Chocolate has been discontinued, however we still have lots of other chocolatey treats to try’.

The retailer pointed the X user towards their other items but it turns out that she was not the only devastated Wispa Hot Chocolate fan.

Cadbury UK has confirmed that a popular hot drink has been discontinued in the run up to Christmas (stock image) 

The treat that has one hot chocolate lovers’ hearts is no longer available, as confirmed by Cadbury’s UK

Another X user tweeted: ‘Where is all the Wispa Hot Chocolate at? I don’t like any other. £7.99 on Amazon UK is just not the Christmas vibe’. 

A different user echoed similar sentiments, saying: ‘Expensive hot chocolate is weird. Cheap hot chocolate is nasty. Mid-range ones are the best. 

‘Aero and Wispa hot chocolates with ‘built in’ bubbles are fab with silly squirty cream on top. None of your fancy nonsense’. 

Amazon user reviews also indicate the popularity of the cult classic. One user who ‘loved’ the Wispa Hot Chocolate claimed it had a ‘great chocolatey flavour without being too heavy’.

Earlier tweets show the British public’s adoration for the hot chocolate. One woman even confessed to drinking Wispa instead of booze at a pre-drinks before heading on a night out.

And others liked to experiment with the chocolate powder.

‘Just put banana milkshake powder in a Wispa Hot Chocolate, I’m living on the edge,’ one fan wrote. 

Another user uttered: ‘Wispa Hot Chocolate is the best thing ever’, while it inspired sugar binges for others.

‘My mum bought Wispa Hot Chocolate today and I’m so tempted to have 8 cups in a row,’ an enthusiast said. 

British chocolatier Cadbury has discontinued its Wispa Hot Chocolate, much to the dismay of its loyal fans

The news comes after Cadbury’s came under fire from shoppers for unevenly distributing Roses chocolates in its tubs.

The tin contains nine different varieties of chocolate, but shoppers across the UK have been complaining about the selection with several claiming that the Orange Cremes are completely absent.

One disgruntled user vented on X, formerly Twitter: ‘Where are the tangy orange chocolates? They’re my faves’.

Cadbury was quick to respond and explained: ‘Sorry about that! The tins are filled at random, so we have no control over the contents of individual tins’.

 Others have complained about getting fewer of the strawberry flavour, while there’s also been rumblings over little or no caramels in the tub – and it’s not the first time customers have grumbled in the run up to Christmas.

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