I flew to Bali and a group of men swore at my baby for crying on plane

I flew to Bali and a group of men swore at my baby for crying on the plane: Here’s why babies are not the problem on flights

  • Furious mother slammed two plane passengers
  • She claims they swore at her crying son
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A mother has slammed a pair of ‘drunk’ men who swore at her one-year-old baby when he struggled to sleep on a late flight.

Aria Nichols shared a photo of her son smiling after Wednesday’s long flight from Bali to New Zealand but despite her son’s happy appearance, Mrs Nichols said their trip was miserable.

‘Flew Bali to New Zealand red-eye last night with my baby, on his first birthday,’ she said.

‘The drunk guys in front of us were real tough guys swearing at my baby for crying as he fell asleep and laughing loudly, waking him up again repeatedly.

‘Babies are not the problem on flights.’

Frustrated mother Aria Nichols shared a photo of her one-year-old son (above) after a pair of ‘frunk’ men swore at him for crying on a flight

Mrs Nichols said the men fully reclined their chairs during the flight, making it hard for her to get in and out of her seat.

Thankfully, the flight attendants were able to help and told the men there was ‘no vodka left’.

‘They told them to raise their seats so I could get back into mine with the sleeping baby and eventually stopped serving them drinks,’ Mrs Nichols wrote.

‘I bet they’ve seen it all before and worse!’

The mother explained that the loud engine and changing pressure on flights was enough to upset any young child, and emphasised the importance of offering parents some understanding and support when they are travelling with children.

‘It can be pretty hard on them at times, and then other times, they travel like an absolute dream. So hard to predict,’ she said.

‘I try and avoid any colds in the weeks leading up to travel as it makes their ears hurt more.’

Dozens of Aussies were shocked by the men’s rude behaviour and called for travellers to be more sympathetic to children.

Mrs Nichols (above) said flight attendants stopped serving the men after they fully reclined their chairs, making it impossible for her to get in and out of her seat

‘I’m so sorry that happened to you. I honestly don’t know what’s happened to people, so much entitlement and lack of consideration,’ one said.

‘I’d rather sit next to a fussy baby than a drunk man any and every day,’ another wrote.

‘How disgusting! No, babies are never problems,’ a third said.

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