I found a 'fossilised' McDonald's cheeseburger in the back of a car

I found a ‘fossilised’ McDonald’s cheeseburger in the back of an old car – even though it was rock hard it looked brand new

  • Man shocked after old cheeseburger find 
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A panel beater has sworn off eating McDonald’s ever again after finding a ‘fossilised’ burger in the back of a client’s car.

The rock-hard cheeseburger ‘looked fresh’, according to 29-year-old Cameron Holland, but was ‘probably three years old’.

The Brisbane-based man was so disgusted by the ‘rock-hard’ find he decided to make a video showing it off.

In the video the meat, cheese and bun look ‘pristine’ and when he removes the bottom bun the camera catches a sprinkle of onions inside.

He then takes to the burger with a hammer, smashing through the meat and bun.

‘It is like a biscuit,’ he said crumbling the bun in his hands.

Speaking to FEMAIL Cameron explained the burger was found in the back of a 12-year-old Toyota Camry, next to the spare wheel which had never been touched.

‘I was instantly disgusted and I will never be eating McDonald’s again,’ he said.

‘I was shocked by how fresh the burger looked – yet it was rock hard.

He added that no-one in the workshop dared to ‘lick it’ or ‘sniff it’ but there wasn’t an obvious odour from the snack.

McDonald’s didn’t comment on how long the burger may have been in the car or how long they look ‘pristine’ for.

Instead a spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that they are best ‘consumed upon purchase or delivery to ensure quality and freshness’.

Cameron’s followers were very quick to comment though, with some laughing about how ‘the ants didn’t even want it’.

Others joked it wasn’t a cheeseburger but a ‘McFossil’.

‘So concerning there is no mould – what are we eating,’ one concerned customer asked.

Cameron said the find has turned him off McDonald’s for life 

One person said they’d seen a fossilised burger before.

‘Once in high school my science teacher was trying to show us how bad McDonald’s was so we had a pet classroom burger. One year and no mould,’ a young woman said.

‘Does anyone remember the guy in Adelaide that had a quarter pounder with no smell or mould from 1995, it was 25 years old,’ said another.

Others said the burger was probably still edible.

‘Just add water to rehydrate and it will be ready to go,’ they said.

The wrapper design indicates the burger was made sometime in the last two years.

Cameron added he has found loads of interesting things in cars including guns and drug paraphernalia but this is the first fossilised food find. 

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