Ibiza lad branded ‘Hobbit, Friar Tuck and Toad’ as he’s roasted over hairdo

A group of lads living it up in Ibiza went viral on social media after a pool party snap turned into an instant meme.

One of the boys, known as @CartzT30 on X, formerly Twitter, posted a snap of himself and his three pals at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. He captioned the image: "Last night was eventful to say the least #ibiza #ibizarocks #benhemsley."

Initially, it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary. But the blokes' quick pose for a photo at the Ben Hemsley show would soon turn into an internet sensation – with more than nine million people seeing it in just two days.

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The topless photo of the four friends resulted in X users poking fun at them – so what has made the topless pool party lads go so viral?

People found their outfits – specifically the bum-bags, sports gear and neon T-shirts slung over their shoulders – "hilarious". And lad Kyal's hairdo was deemed amusing too.

In the Ibiza meme, Kyal stood on the far right and sported a barnet that was quickly compared to 'Toad' from Nintendo's Mario. Some even went as far to suggest his hair was "cut by his mum".

Meanwhile, others likened the bloke to a "Hobbit", "leprechaun" and even Robin Hood's "Frair Tuck".

One person mocked: "Toad off Super Mario at the end there" and someone else said: "Proper Friar Tuck barnet that".

Another joked: "The little fella on the right, did his mum cut his hair with a knife and fork?" While a fourth voiced: "Fella on right looks like he’s going to go to the bar and order a pint of mead."

Kyal wasn't the only one to feel the brunt of becoming a meme on Twitter either. All of the lads – apart from Cartz – decided to accessorise with bum bags, which proved controversial.

"Love the neck bags," one giggled. And along with a barrage of laughing emojis, another wrote: "The handbags."

Luckily, the men seemed to see the funny side of the situation. Cartz responded: "Keep these comments coming. We're loving them, yet to see an A+ comment but there's a few good ones."

He also posted a photo of Kyal trying to 'pack' himself into a suitcase, with the caption: "When you're getting violated on Twitter so you try to pack your self away."

And it seems he's pleased he didn't take fashion tips from his pals either. Cartz chuckled: "One things for certain, it's a good job I didn't wear a man bag."

Meanwhile, many have compared it to the 'Four Lads in Jeans' meme that took the internet by storm in 2019. Four years ago Jamie Philips, Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney, and Alex Lacey posed for photo outside chain bar Be At One where the internet were soon to rip into them over their 'stereotypical British' outfits.

They even got a statue erected in their honour after the story went viral. Let's hope we can see the same success for these geezers too.

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