Man ordered to give up 'dangerous' hobby by pregnant girlfriend

Becoming a parent can force your priorities to shift, but one dad-to-be seems pretty reluctant to accommodate one of his girlfriend’s expectations.

And, while we can see both sides, the majority of people think perhaps he should be a little more understanding of the wishes of the mother of his child.

The dad-to-be took to Reddit to share his frustration. He wrote: ‘So me and my girlfriend have been trying to have a kid and we have been successful and she’s currently two months pregnant.

‘We were just hanging out and the she told me that she expected me to sell my motorcycle soon cause it was just too dangerous of a hobby to have as a soon to be dad.’

It’s safe to say that he wasn’t too impressed with his girlfriend’s expectations.

‘I told her I wasn’t going to do that since I’ve been riding for the past 10 years and have been perfectly fine and she’s just over reacting,’ he wrote.

‘She told me that this was something she wasn’t going to budge on and that I had to do it.

‘I told her that it wasn’t her choice to make and I wasn’t going to give up my hobbies just because I was about to become a dad. She should have brought this up back when we decided to start trying for a kid.’

While people understood where he was coming from, they also saw his girlfriend’s side too, with plenty suggesting that he should ‘cave’ to her request anyway.

One wrote: ‘I would still cave and sell it if I were you. I was in the same boat with my wife.

‘She is an emergency nurse and she gets the remains of motorcycle accidents almost daily. I say remains because there’s not much left.

‘I had all the same excuses you do but I learned that everyone of them was pushing my own selfish agenda.

‘When I looked at it I knew seven people that had died or had permanent damage from a motorcycle accident. Everyone I know has similar numbers.

‘I’ve been riding motor cycles without an accident for 20 years. While I am an amazing driver, you can’t claim that for everyone. Eventually someone will be a dumb**s.

‘It’s a little different if you’re in a car or truck. They are better designed to keep you safe. A motorcycle has none of the bells and whistles. If you get into an accident it is much more severe.’

Another agreed, saying: ‘I mean, yes she should have known to clear this up when you were both trying for a pregnancy but I also would be terrified of becoming a widow single parent if my partner rode a motorcycle, so I can empathise with her.

‘All I ever hear from my hospital friends is how often they see these accidents and how horrific they are. Good luck!’

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