Mum, 56, wears same outfits as daughter – and gets mistaken for her sister

A mum and daughter who've worn wearing matching outfits for years often get mistaken for sisters.

Catherine Galasso-Vigorito and her daughter, Gabriella, 23, have been matching clothes since she was a baby. The 56-year-old mum would buy the same outfit for her three daughters and herself as she thought it was easier and "fun".

But while her two other daughters – Lauren, 24 and Sophia, 18 – didn’t enjoy looking the same as their mum, Gabriella loved it and has continued the trend. The inseparable pair, who are even the exact same size, have become viral sensations, sharing videos of their glamorous looks online.

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The duo, from Clinton, Connecticut, US, recently stepped out on the runway in matching dresses and heels, at New York Fashion Week too. Speaking about their love for matching, Gabriella said: "We’re always matching.

"It’s different and causes a stir where we go. We’re both upbeat and bubbly. We both do everything together.

"We get our nails done together. We go shopping, we travel together, and we create a vision board together."

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The mum even claims people mistake them for sisters because they are so identical. Her mum, Catherine, an author, said: "People mistake us for sisters.

"We look the exact same. We are the exact same size. We’re bonded by our clothes as well as our hearts.”

The duo hopes to design a clothing or jewellery line together in the future and match on the red carpet together. Gabriella hopes to follow in the footsteps of her mum, a former Miss Connecticut USA – and is being coached by her.

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