‘My Daily Star story made Andrew Tate convert to Islam – but I got last laugh’

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    Back in April disgraced influencer Andrew Tate fired out a tweet that has been viewed more than 18 million times. It read: “Andrew why did you convert to Islam?”

    Along with the sarcastic words, he shared an article with the headline: “I’m a proud Christian porn star – God put me on earth to enjoy sexual pleasure.”

    The story was on the back of a Daily Star exclusive where we interviewed former Catholic school teacher Courtney Tillia about her Christian faith and how she now aims to “liberate women from their sexual shame”.

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    In the piece, she also said: “I’m living my life as an example of being fully out in the open and unapologetically expressed: not against God, but completely with God.”

    But after Tate mocked Courtney to the gallery of his millions of impressionable followers, a swarm of online vitriol was hurled her way.

    And now, six months later, Courtney, 36, addressed the situation during an interview with legendary British adult actress Tanya Tate.

    The mum-of-four, who was a special needs teacher before later becoming a racy model, said: “He saw the article, he didn’t read the article, he clearly just read the headline of it and said I was one of the reasons he had turned to Islam.

    “People are quick to judge and if you actually read the article, the article was beautiful, I did the interview, it is my words, the title is a little clickbaity but I respect that and I get that.

    “People are going to hate and criticise and have their judgement based on whatever, their beliefs. But I know the truth about me and I know the impact that I have and I know my mission and so I am sticking towards that.”

    But while her inbox was filled with hate, Courtney, who lives with her husband and kids in LA, got the last laugh. After already making more than a million dollars from her raunchy content, she had a surge in new subscribers.

    “It was a great month to me,” she laughed on the Skinfluencer Success podcast. However, being mocked by countless trolls and having videos made about her was a lot to process.

    She recalled: “It started in the Daily Star on Friday… I was on my way to Disneyland with my kids and my Google alerts were going crazy and I was getting DMs and I don’t follow Andrew on the internet. I don’t like the person but people had started sending me screenshots from it and I was like ‘oh my goodness’.

    “So on Monday I was like say whatever you want because the subscribers are rolling in, the media is flowing, I am getting requests to do news interviews and radio shows and so say whatever you want. Tuesday morning I woke up and it is still like viral crazy and I felt so misunderstood by the world."

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    Courtney added: “But it was hard that day, I was really sad about it because people who know me know that I am kind and loving and very generous and for people to hate me without knowing me, had a feeling for me.

    “I am very empathetic and I don’t like having so many people hate me or talk such mean things about me and then I was like you know what, it is ok, one, that’s their stuff.

    “And I really wanna be able to stay strong because I really believe in who I am and what I am doing. You can say whatever you want, I am not going to change what I am doing.

    “And I really want to help people and I get so many DMs from around the world saying thank you for being you, thank you for showing us there is a way, thank you for showing us it is ok to be a mom and be sexy, so many things I have a impact on and so I thought your hateful words are not going to stop me.”

    While Courtney tries to have a positive impact on the world, the same can’t be said for Tate after Apple removed his Real World Portal App after accusations emerged that it encouraged misogyny.

    Notorious Tate, who ran Hustler's University before it closed down, is awaiting trial in Romania on human trafficking charges alongside his brother Tristan, but the pair deny any wrongdoing.

    The brothers, along with two Romanian female suspects, were charged with human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women.

    To read Courtney’s original interview that led to such a viral reaction, you can do so here.

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