New motoring law could see drivers with GPS devices slapped with £1k fine

In recent months, we've seen a manner of motoring laws come into power. Now new speed limit restrictions are being introduced which could impact sat nav users across the UK.

GPS devices usually display local speed limit information to help motorists stay informed with the local area. But now some firms warned speed limit changes might not be done immediately.

It could see drivers caught out as the map updates are yet to happen on their devices. It comes as Wales recently introduced a 20mph limit earlier this month.

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The Welsh government pushed ahead with the plans despite some opposition after claiming the scheme would reduce collisions and incidents. Meanwhile London Mayor Sadiq Khan is considering further 20mph rollouts across the capital.

A whopping 40% of motorists in the UK say they rely on sat navs when heading out on a road trip. Tim Alcock, a spokesman for, said it's important drivers don't rely on their devices.

He said: "With new speed limits being introduced across the UK, it is extremely important that drivers aren't solely relying on their sat navs to get the speed limit.

"The devices may not update straight away, meaning motorists could be travelling 10mph over the new limits. Currently, most police forces have a tolerance of 10% plus 2mph above the limit before drivers face prosecution for speeding."

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Motorists found guilty of speeding offences could face penalties of up to £1,000. Road users who only passed their test within the past two years could actually lose their licence if they get six points.

Tim added: "New drivers need to be especially careful because they receive much harsher penalties, and could potentially get their driver's licence revoked. Although it will take some getting used to for drivers, these speed limits have been introduced to reduce accidents and fatalities on British roads.

"Those driving in Wales must remember that the changes affect most 30mph roads, but speed limit signs will be in place where the speed limit has changed. It is important that drivers are always aware of their surroundings and be aware of traffic signs which are giving them instructions to avoid being caught out."

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