‘People squirm at my "pierced eyeball" – but then they find out the truth’

A woman with a 'piercing through her eyeball' has revealed the truth behind the unique accessory.

Bree, who posts online under the username @apocalypticautopsy, regularly shares videos of her alternative look online. The 28-year-old, from Minnesota, has several piercings all over her face — but one gets people talking more than others.

In one clip, which she has shared on social media, she can be seen showing off a metal bar that appears to go through side of the pupil in her right eyeball. The bizarre clip left people squirming, saying it "looks painful" and question how it is possible to pierce an eyeball.

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One user said: "It looks cool but hella painful." Another commented: "WTF Piercing eyes?" A third wrote: "HOW DO YOU BLINK?"

However, the stay-at-home mum is fairly open and honest about her eye being a prothetic as she tries to spread awareness for ocular melanoma, the most common type of eye cancer.

In the caption on one of her clips, she confirmed: "It's a prosthetic eye made by @Christina_Oculara the most incredible ocularist. I can't feel it when I blink, and no I can't see out of it."

In a second video, Bree explained exactly how she lost her eye. She said: "While I was pregnant with my second child in 2020, I wasn't having any pain, I wasn't having any vision problems, but I had gone into my local eye doctor for regular checkup. He had noticed an enlarged blood vessel on the corner of my left eye."

She goes on to say how he proceeded with basic tests and took lots of pictures to send to his specialist. However, when the results came back, it was ocular melanoma. At first, she tried to have it treated using a gamma knife to try and save her eye sight but when that failed, her "only option" was to have her eye removed so it wouldn't spread.

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She added: "My only option left was removal of the eye so that the cancer wouldn't spread to my liver… the doctors told me if I do nothing, life expectancy was about one year, and they urged me to have the eye removed."

While some people were squirming at the piercing in her prothetic, many others complimented her on her customisation. One user said: "This is so cool! People should have fun customising their prosthetics!"

Another commented: "It looked so real!." A third wrote: "I know it's a prosthetic but it looks painful!."

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