What's the go with these socks all the celebrities are obsessed with?

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Hair done? Check. Laptop in hand? Check. You’ve forgotten one thing and it’s these socks all the celebrities are obsessed with.

We’re not kidding, from Joe Jonas to Daniel Craig, Bella Ramsay, Stanley Tucci and David Harbour to Tom Hiddleston and aforementioned Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, London Sock Co’s hose is beloved by the top tier of Hollywood and if the socks are good enough for the stars, we want to wrap our feet into them.

Heading back to work post-holiday can be soul-wrenchingly tough, but in our opinion, it’s a whole lot easier when you’ve got a fabulous pair of socks on. You heard it here first.

And where better to invest in the perfect pair than at London-based, celebrity-approved brand London Sock Co.?

Rocked by all the biggest names, these are some of the most stylish socks we’ve seen, but they also look comfy AF for the colder months ahead.

A load of fluffing up to say that you’re definitely going to want to get your hands (and feet) in its latest back-to-work edit.

Shaken & Stirred, 6-Pair Box

Whether you prefer to suit up or dress down, London Sock Company’s carefully curated selection of back-to-work socks will have you walking like a boss (even if you’re the intern).

The edit features a vast range of gift boxes with three, six or 15 pairs, with prices starting from £14 each when purchased as part of a box set.

You’ll find a mix of traditional designs and pops of colour, so you can really let your ankles do the talking.

From polka dots and houndstooth to stripes and block colours, these are the kind of socks that’ll make you want to go to work in the morning.

But the hype isn’t just about how great they make your feet look, oh no. Shoppers say the London Sock Co. garments are softer on the skin and more breathable than the rest of their sock drawer inhabitants.

And a more breathable sock means less odour, so really you’d be doing everyone in the office a favour.

Spot of Style, 3-Pair Box

The Spotlight Collection, Socks by Ilaria Urbinati

Simply Sartorial Collection, 15-Pair Box

The flagship collection.

They’re also made from a finely knitted, signature stretch-cotton blend material and hand-finished to ensure they last longer than your average pair of socks, making them even better value for money.

You can stock up on single pairs and mix and match if you prefer to test the fit and feel, though you get better value if you take the plunge and opt for a set. We’re sure it’s not something you’ll regret.

London Sock Co. socks also make the perfect gift for the father figures in your life, or for people you just don’t know that well.

I mean, who doesn’t love socks? You can’t go wrong.

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