Davina McCall admits ‘cushions were in faces’ ahead of ITV final

My Mum, Your Dad: Monique becomes emotional

Davina McCall will be ending the series tonight and revealing to the participants that their children have been watching their every move, even behind cushions.

When the experiment first started, neither the parents or the children knew that they were going to be watched 24/7.

The parents thought they were going to be away on the retreat for two weeks where they gave themselves the chance to find love once again.

Their children were just down the road in another house watching their every move and deciding who they wanted to go on dates with their parents.

Tonight, the children will return to the retreat to pick up their parents and get the lowdown on how their time in the retreat went, revealing they too have been watching.

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Speaking to Express.co.uk ahead of the final, Davina opened up on the moments that the children were “hiding behind cushions” and cringing at their parents’ words and actions.

She explained: “There are no cameras in the bedroom I think it’s important to point out that it’s different in that way.

“You know, for me personally speaking, I’d rather watch the hint of love, a hint of something coming up, should I? Shouldn’t I? A moment of tenderness. Something amazing.

“That’s so exciting, totally independent of each other. It’s sort of like, once you’ve seen it, it doesn’t mean anything.

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“This really f*****g means something when you see people falling, and you think ‘Oh my God’ you know that this is serious.

“It’s that’s what’s so lovely. But yes, there are moments where the kids have gotten cushions in front of their faces that curled up.

“But it could be over something quite small and it’s you know, because they’ve never seen that parent in a date situation.”

Last night’s episode kicked off with Tallulah and Martin M’s love journey coming to an end, as she admitted that she didn’t find the connection she was looking for.

Natalie opened up to Paul about her traumatic past, being in prison and her son Kaliel being her saving grace.

She was supported by Paul who expressed that when he introduced her to his children, he would refer to her as his “new partner”.

As Roger and Janey’s relationship continued to blossom the two shared a passionate kiss as they took the next step in their romance.

Tonight marks the end of the series where the children will reveal all they have seen and be introduced to their parent’s new boyfriends/girlfriends.

My Mum, Your Dad is available to watch on ITVX.

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