Emmerdale return ‘sealed’ as Chas cuts ties with Aaron after ‘disgusting’ move

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    Emmerdale fans believe the old Aaron could return after Chas cut all ties with him.

    Aaron, played by Danny Miller, was one of the most beloved characters on the soap at one point. But things have changed since he returned in October. His behaviour has become increasingly disturbing and it's clear he's still consumed by hatred following the death of little sister Liv (Isobel Steele).

    Aaron's relationship with Chas remains strained as Aaron still blames her for Liv's death and for being driven out of the village to keep her affair with Al (Michael Wildman) a secret. But Chas isn't the only person who Aaron's been taking his anger out on.

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    He's lashed out at father figure Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and brother-in-law Vinny (Bradley Johnson), punching him to the ground. When Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) heard Aaron hurling insults at Chas, he ordered him to apologise. To get back at Charles, Aaron decided to sleep with his son, Ethan (Emile John).

    During Tuesday's episode (December 19) of the ITV soap, Ethan was excited at the thought of a romance blossoming with Aaron. In The Woolpack, the two were speaking about the night before when Aaron started laughing.

    In front of the entire pub, including Chas and Charles, Aaron belittled Ethan about the night they spent together. Charles declared that Aaron well and truly crossed a line by using and humiliating Ethan.

    Afterwards, Paddy told Chas that Aaron was feeding off her reactions and the only way to stop it was to cut all contact. Heading to the scrap yard, Chas revealed her and Paddy want nothing to do with him.

    Aaron didn't seem fazed, but when Chas dropped the bombshell that he would no longer have any contact with little sister Eve, he looked visibly devastated as the consequences of his actions began to sink in. Viewers raced to social media after the episode and speculated about a possible return for the old Aaron.

    One wrote: "I struggle with this. The show and actor CLEARLY want us to see Aaron as an irredeemable a*****e. Is this moment – deprived even of his sis – the moment where he starts to see the light?"

    A second shared: "First Samson & now Aaron on #Emmerdale What are the writers doing? They seem to have regenerated the old Samson in the last few episodes so maybe they’ll do the same with Aaron eventually!"

    Another penned: "Eve is Aaron's soft spot right now & Chas & Paddy not letting him see her could get through to him." A fourth posted: "Aaron has turned into such a horrible character! I really used to like him before." Someone else fumed: "Aaron is a spiteful insufferable bore with nothing good about him – got me feeling sorry for Ethan now!"

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