I thought Krishnan was an utter lemon, I was mistaken – says Vanessa Feltz

Strictly: Amy Dowden returns to show

So farewell then Nikita and Gorka. Movie week was your nemesis. It’s a shame though, because the BBC Asian Network Breakfast presenter was going great guns, giving guts and gusto to the American Smooth and doing exactly what Strictly contestants are supposed to – embarking on a journey from dancing zero to dancing hero.

She was good-tempered, diligent and bristling with potential but didn’t have enough supporters in her corner to make sure she stuck around.

Her Strictly tenure was so brief, it probably didn’t do a thing for her profile or earning potential either. Them’s the reality TV breaks, kid.

Evictions aside, Movie Week sizzled with surprises. Foremost among them was the appearance by the beautiful Amy Dowden, bravely emanating joie de vivre fresh from the rigours of chemotherapy.

She is adored by her peers and the viewing public alike and we were thrilled to see her smiling through adversity.

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The other revelation was the dazzling Charleston exquisitely executed by Krishnan Guru-Murthy and his svelte and seductive partner Lauren.

I’m not afraid to admit it when I’m wrong, and I have been absolutely and entirely mistaken about Krishnan.

Frankly, I thought he was an utter lemon, devoid of rhythm and with all the bounce of a bowl of cold porridge. Error! Gross error!

The ‘money money money’ routine from Cabaret delivered one of the most dramatic transformations in Strictly history.

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Krishnan was magnificent. He danced with verve and swagger, characterization oozing from every pore. No longer am I suggesting someone pack his bags and wave him off home. The chap is a hot contender and might stick around long enough to scoop the Glitterball.

Annabel Croft’s Audrey Hepburn was the evening’s tear-jerker. We were choked by her elegance, beauty and bravery in the face of agonizing and horribly recent bereavement.

Johannes, the partner she describes as her ‘angel’ clasped her close as she glided along with what Craig called ‘regal’ bearing.

We are already expecting fabulous framing from elongated dancing demon Bobby Brazier and his interpretation of Young Hearts Run Free in the arms of Dianne who looks ridiculously gorgeous as a brunette, was a joy to behold.

James Jordan used to whisper: “They can make you or break you with the film”, so watch each seemingly casually constructed pre-amble like a hawk.

Some stories are pretty much guaranteed to win the candidate a couple more weeks on the show. Eddie Kadi’s family history and delightfully loving warmth brought the man and his personality to life.

The audience, moved by the essence of the man, leaped to its feet after his masterly ‘Men in Black’ routine with Karen.

James didn’t say this but others have muttered it: “They can make you or break you with the hair and makeup.”

Angela Scanlon, criticized by some for having made a living as a professional Irish dancer, was given the hindrance of an unattractive pixie cut ginger wig and a ‘classic’ routine from Damn Yankees most of us have never even heard of.

No matter. She smashed it and cemented her position. No ginger wig puts Angela in the corner.

Is it churlish to say Angela Rippon didn’t quite seem at the top of her game this week? We adore her, obviously but what should have been type-casting as Fraulein Maria from The Sound of Music, felt a tad more of a stretch than we would have wanted. Let’s hope she aces it next week.

All this plus Anton doing his utmost to persuade us “Blame the velvet!” is a new catchphrase and Shirley actually using the Shakespearean favourite “It’s never too early for a 10 from Shirley!” and my cup runneth over.

If I’d only survived till Movie Week I’d have done the ‘Never Can Tell’ Uma Thurman number from Pulp Fiction and my Jive would have been sublime. Honestly, you’d have loved it.

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