ITV Big Brother viewers call out Jordan’s ‘showmance’ game plan after Henry kiss

In Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother, viewers are speculating about contestant Jordan's motives after a surprising move during a steamy hot tub session with fellow housemate Henry.

Some fans are concerned that Jordan might be strategically using the affectionate moments with Henry, who seems to have genuine feelings, to secure a spot in the upcoming final airing on Friday, November 17.

The unexpected kiss occurred as the pair lounged in the hot tub, with Jordan leaning in for an intimate moment.

Jordan asked Henry: “Is it bad that I kiss you? I kissed you, past tense. Do you think it’s bad?”

“No. Do you think it’s bad?” Henry replied.

Jordan then said "Henry stop!" before leaning in for a kiss.

Their romantic encounters continued in the bedroom, but their attempts to keep it a secret were noticed by other housemates.

During a conversation the next morning, Jordan played coy about the previous night.

Jenkin was one of the housemates who saw the kiss and asked: “So did everyone have a good night? Did everyone have a smooch?”

Jordan joked: “It’s because, you know, we were a bit emotional… whatever happened I don’t remember.”

However, suspicions about his true intentions arose when he expressed doubts about finding love in the Big Brother house, hinting at potential strategic gameplay.

Jenkin told him: “There’s no harm in finding love in the Big Brother house guys,” to which Jordan replied: “Hmmmm, well I’ve yet to find it.”

Viewers took to social media to share their opinions, with some questioning the authenticity of Jordan's feelings and suggesting he might be orchestrating a "showmance" for a final week boost.

One wrote: “Hmmm suspect Jordan can see the end in sight and will do anything to win, he’s already admitted he feels nothing for Henry.”

Another added: “Jordan starting a showmance with Henry to get to the final but also reminding the voters Henry is a Tory. Well played Jordan, well played.”

Others criticised Jordan for potentially using Henry while expressing little genuine interest, with one writing: “Henry love Jordan. Jordan couldn’t give a f*** playing the game for the £100k.”

The controversy follows a double eviction that saw Trish and Chanelle leave the house, with Trish receiving cheers and Chanelle facing boos from the audience.

However, racist and homophobic tweets resurfaced after Trish’s eviction, leading to an apology from the contestant. ITV said that Trish won't be appearing on the live spin-off show Big Brother: Late and Live, despite the reality star being scheduled as a guest.

In a statement on social media, Trish apologised for the "harmful stereotypes perpetuated" in the now-deleted tweets. "I'm aware that some very concerning old tweets of mine have re-surfaced," she said.

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