ITV Big Brother viewers demand Olivia’s kicked off show after ‘rude’ antics

Big Brother fans are calling for Olivia to be booted out after her 'rude' and 'silly' behaviour on the ITV reality show.

The 23 year old from Glasgow was seen throwing lettuce at housemate Kerry while she was trying to sleep, which has left viewers fuming.

Earlier in the episode on Sunday, 29 October, Paul, Olivia, and Tom were chatting in the garden about how they could prank Kerry, a 40 year old NHS worker. This came after they had taken part in Big Brother's vending machine challenge.

Paul and Olivia then dashed into the bedroom to throw bits of lettuce on Kerry while she was wrapped up in bed. Their antics quickly upset her, leading her to tell them: "No, that's not okay." Later on, the housemates found it hard to sleep when Olivia started screaming in the bedroom.

Housemates Matty and Dylan both went to the Diary Room to complain about Olivia with Matty confessing she was really getting on his nerves.

Fans also criticised the 23 year old dancer's 'rude' behaviour online. On social media platform X, one viewer said: "Paul and Olivia are actually a**holes. Just because you’re in the Big Brother house doesn’t mean you can just make noise whenever you want in the bedroom. There’s ppl literally trying to sleep. You have housemates of different ages for f**kssakes, so rude."

Another added: "Olivia thinking she's being funny when she is actually being a #bratzdoll. I can't stand her she's a silly little girl. Get her out."

On Friday night, viewers saw 18 year old Youth Worker Hallie become the third housemate to leave after being nominated alongside DJ Dylan, 39, and Trish, 33.

After leaving, Hallie appeared on Big Brother: Late and Live for her first exit interview. She shared: "I honestly have no idea [why I was evicted]. I think we're all strong characters and we all bring something so different to the table. I can't tell you why but everything happens for a reason!" She also said: "I've left the house with no regrets because I take them as lessons learnt."

During the chat, Hallie opened up about her decision to share her journey as a transgender woman with her fellow housemates. She revealed: "The first night, I wanted to see how the housemates were, their opinions on things, going to sleep on the first night I felt like they were all such genuine people and they would respect me."

"So it was on my mind the whole first night and I woke up that morning, my heart was beating out of my chest, but once I said: 'I am a trans woman'. It was so empowering and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The response from everyone was so lovely, I appreciate every single housemate in that house."

Hallie then got emotional as she sweetly added: "The love I felt… don't cry, the love I felt from all of them, I really appreciated it." Hallie continued: "It was important for me to be loud and proud as well, to show trans visibility. Be myself, I am who I am, I ain't going to change for no one!"

Hallie has since told OK! whether she thought transphobia had a part to play in her eviction, saying: "Of course I wouldn't like to think that that's the main reason I'm voted out. However, I'm not denying it could be a factor at play because there are people out there that don't agree with the way I live my life and just have views that I don't respect.

Big Brother fans are now also asking for Paul to be removed after he allegedly made transphobic remarks about her.

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