ITV Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle commits murder as actress Emma Atkins teases killer twist

Emma Atkins has teasted that Charity Dingle could be forced to become a killer during Emmerdale's dramatic Christmas storyline.

The actress, who has played Charity since 2000, has revealed that she could be driven to murder over the kidnapping of her partner Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb).

In recent episodes, Mackenzie has found his life on the line after his ex-fiancée Chloe Harris's (Jessie Elland) criminal father arrived in the Dales.

Chloe's father, Damon 'Harry' Harris (Robert Beck) previously abducted Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) over his business dealings with her brother Caleb Miligan (William Ash), but has now set his sights on Mack over his treatment of Chloe.

Upcoming episodes will see Mack kidnapped by the gangster after a row with Charity sees him head out for the evening, telling her he won't be back for a while.

After Harry is spotted by Chas and Charity, she becomes concerned that something has happened to Mack, and manages to track down where Harry is keeping him.

And with Charity arriving just as Harry is about to shoot Mack, the trio become involved in scuffle, which ends as gunshot goes off.

Speaking about the storyline, Emma said: "Charity doesn't know Mack has been kidnapped up until a certain point. She's blissfully unaware of what's going on.

"When Charity does know the truth, she goes on a mission with Chas, which is great. When she first spots Harry with Chloe in the village, she doesn't know who he is, but Chas explains that he's the guy who kidnapped her a few weeks ago."

She continued: "Then Charity's head starts to spin. She realises 'Hang on, Mackenzie has been missing for a few days. This is not just a coincidence and if he's kidnapped you, what's he capable of?'

"She starts to think that must be where Mackenzie is and she wants Chas to come with her.

"Chas is having PTSD from her own experience, but Charity can't do it alone. They end up at this disused warehouse and they follow the noise.

"They go on this mission to try and locate Mackenzie and it's revealed that it's not a particularly pleasant experience at all."

Asked if Charity could end up killing Harry to ensure Mack's safety, Emma said: "I guess you'll find out! I don't think it's in Charity's nature to kill anyone at all.

"But she potentially could and would, if that meant protecting people that she cares about. I think it's potentially in all of us – that thing to defend. But who knows?"

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