Nurse slams Emmerdale over medical blunder as Eric Pollard is given devastating diagnosis | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL nurse has hit out at Emmerdale over their medical blunder as Eric Pollard was given a heart-wrenching diagnosis.

Fans watched on last week on the ITV soap opera where the show's longest serving character, Eric, played by Chris Chittell, was revealed to be suffering from Parkinson's.

He broke down in tears as he confessed all to Mandy Dingle having lived with his suspected secret for some time.

During Tuesday's visit to the Dales, the pensioner's fears were confirmed as a doctor affirmed that he was in fact suffering from the life-altering condition.

However, a nurse who was sat watching the scenes at home has hit out and blasted ITV and Emmerdale bosses for 'failing to do proper research'.

In the scenes, a doctor said to Eric: "The tests have confirmed what we thought – it's Parkinson's."

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Eric was immediately left stunned to have his worst fear come true as the doctor went on to advise about certain symptoms and a treatment plan.

Despite the moving nature of the scenes, the nurse raged the show needed 'to do better' as they insisted that Parkinson's could not be diagnosed or confirmed with a test.

Writing on X – formerly Twitter – the medical worker said: "@ChrisChittell There are no specific "tests" for #ParkinsonsDisease. Diagnosis is made by clinical observation.

"Lazy research of a serious medical condition. Please tell the powers that be at #emmerdale of this."

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Fans of the Yorkshire-based program were heartbroken when Eric Pollard revealed he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a brain disorder recognised as the fastest-growing neurological condition in the world.

This chronic disease has a degenerative effect on the central nervous system and causes unintended or uncontrollable movements such as shaking, stiffness and difficulty with balance.

Symptoms usually begin gradually and get worse over time as the disease progresses.

Speaking about the health storyline, Emmerdale boss Laura Shaw said: "When Eric Pollard is diagnosed with Parkinson's he's naturally very scared and unsure of what the condition means for his future."

"The unique position of a show like Emmerdale means we can tell this story really authentically over a long period of time and we can really shine a light on what a diagnosis like this means and follow Pollard on his journey of learning to live with it."

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