Steve Coogan looks unrecognisable as Jimmy Savile in chilling look at BBC drama

The Reckoning official trailer

The BBC has released the official trailer for The Reckoning which sees Steve Coogan taking on the role of Jimmy Savile.

The mini-series will trace the life of the former Jim’ll Fix It star through the early years of his successful career to his twilight years.

It was only after Savile had died in 2011 that the abuse allegations came to light.

The BBC also issued a warning on the trailer, telling viewers they may find the scenes “upsetting”.

During the 30-second trailer, Coogan looks unrecognisable as Savile, who can be heard saying: “I am not an act, what you see is what you get.”

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“We will be in touch,” one man said as another added: “He’s our man.”

A woman’s voice can then be heard saying: “He was one of the biggest manipulators of people to rise to the status that he did.”

“The investigation found no evidence to justify the allegations,” a man stated before another woman said: “And do you consider that to be the end of the matter?”

“He groomed the whole nation,” one voice said while another chipped in: “There are rumours that there is another side to you.”

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“What rumours might those be?” Savile asked as a woman raged. “He gets away with it because no one else sees it. It’s a violation.”

The clip concluded with a woman saying: “As old as I am now, I would have danced on his grave.”

When news of the BBC drama came to light, some fans were unimpressed with the broadcaster’s decision to make the series.

However, the show’s writer, Neil McKay wanted to depict what happened as “sensitively” as possible, admitting in an interview that Coogan met some of Savile’s victims while filming.

The writer told the Radio Times in December 2021: “It’s clearly going to be strange.

“But they wanted to do it, they’re fully prepared, so it will be interesting.

He added: “The victims concerned requested to attend filming since we are telling their stories, and all appropriate safeguarding measures were put in place by production to facilitate this.

“The team are working closely with many people whose lives were impacted by Savile to ensure their stories are told with sensitivity and respect.”

The Reckoning will be available to watch on BBC One next month.

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