Inside David Cameron’s return to politics 7 years after quitting as PM – as it’s revealed he was ‘bored s***less’ | The Sun

DAVID Cameron’s return as Foreign Secretary marks an extraordinary comeback for a politician widely believed to be yesterday’s man.

After calling and losing the Brexit referendum in 2016, he fell on his sword to quit both as PM and an MP.

For a while he appeared to have vanished without trace – famously provoking a foul-mouthed rant from Danny Dyer as having left the country in the lurch with his “trotters up”.

His only glimpse of the limelight was negative headlines surrounding his relationship with dodgy financier Lex Greensill.

But Mr Cameron, 57, had retired as one of youngest ex-PMs in history – and clearly felt he had more to give when he told pals in 2018 he was “bored s***less”.



When did David Cameron become Prime Minister?


Cameron makes sensational comeback as Foreign Secretary with role confirmed today

Allies even suggested he could become Foreign Secretary – an offer now grasped years later by Rishi Sunak.

The PM will hope to draw on his wealth of experience, often overshadowed by his legacy-defining Brexit gamble.

After a period as a government adviser in the John Major years, Cameron rose the ranks in opposition to become Tory leader in 2005.

He secured the most votes in 2010 but fell short of a full-out majority, striking a coalition deal with Nick Clegg’s Lib Dems.

His tenure was marked by spending cuts to slash Britain's deficit – critically known as austerity – bombing Libya, gay marriage and two referendums on voting reform and Scottish independence.

But under pressure from Nigel Farage's Ukip, he will forever be known for to calling the historic EU referendum in 2016.

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Sneaking a narrow Tory majority and cutting the Lib Dems loose in 2015, Mr Cameron held the in/out vote the following summer.

During the campaign he angered Brexiteer Tories for scaremongering with “Project Fear” doomsday warnings about leaving.

And so when the people went the other way, Mr Cameron felt he had no choice but to quit, waving goodbye to No10 with his wife Samantha and three children.

For a while it seemed he was content with the quite life from his Oxfordshire shepherd's hut.

But now he is back in the thick of it as Britain's most senior diplomat.

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