Jonathan Majors looks unsettled in court

Marvel star Jonathan Majors looks unsettled as ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari recounts ‘excruciating assault’ to NYC court – and says he ‘wanted her to feel pain’ after she spotted text from another woman and snatched his cell

  • The actor has denied assault with intent to cause physical injury, assault recklessly causing physical injury, aggravated harassment and harassment 
  • As the court came into session on Tuesday, Majors sat at a table with his lawyers reading a Bible he brought with him 

Marvel star Jonathan Majors looked unsettled on the second day of his assault trial as his ex-girlfriend described the alleged ‘excruciating’ assault she went through.    

Majors’ accuser, Grace Jabbari, 30, is a British-born choreographer, and testified at Manhattan Criminal Court today – saying that the star ‘wanted me to feel pain.’

The actor has denied assault with intent to cause physical injury, assault recklessly causing physical injury, aggravated harassment and harassment. 

The allegations have stalled the career of Majors, 34, who plays the evil Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel films and also appears in Creed 3.

He was dropped by his manager – and his latest film about a bodybuilder, which stunned audiences at this year’s Sundance film festival, was tipped for an Oscar but has now been put on hold.

Marvel star Jonathan Majors is seen arriving in court for the second day of his assault trial

Majors and his partner, Meagan Good, dodge the grating on the New York sidewalk as they arrive at court on Tuesday

Majors is accused of grabbing Jabbari (pictured right) and twisting her arm on the way home from a night out after she spotted a flirty text from another woman. He denies the allegations

As the court came into session on Tuesday, Majors sat at a table with his lawyers reading a Bible he brought with him.

Keen to give an impression of being polite to the court, he brushed away a loose hair from his lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, and smiled at her.

His girlfriend Meagan Good and her mother sat in the front row of the public gallery – Majors kissed them both before the hearing began.

On the opposite side of the public gallery sat three of Jabbari’s family members.

Majors appeared to be unsettled as Jabbari recounted the ‘excruciating’ assault to the jury that felt as if ‘he wanted me to feel pain’.

Majors veered between incredulous and wounded with a furrowed brow. At times he looked away indignantly and rubbed his eyes, curled his lips up and looked back at his girlfriend Meagan Good in the public gallery for support.

Good shook her head as videos showed Majors running away from Jabbari after the alleged attack.

Jabbari said the evening of the attack in March this year she and Majors had been to see a play in Brooklyn and had dinner and were driving home in a hired car.

As Majors scrolled on his phone, Jabbari saw he had sent a ‘romantic’ song by rapper D’Angelo to somebody.

She said: ‘I said who have you sent that to, jokingly. A message popped up saying I wish I was kissing you right now or something like that.

He didn’t really say anything and the next message popped up oh it’s not what it looks like. I was like I don’t know how else that looks? I was so taken aback’.

Jabbari admitted she spoke in a ‘loud’ voice.

She said: ‘Our whole relationship I never considered infidelity to be one of the things that was also happening. (I said) What is that?

(He said) it’s not what it seems, baby baby. Baby, it’s not what it seems

‘He was really alert, like he’d been caught out.

‘I was saying let me see the messages and he wasn’t so I grabbed his phone and turned away from him’.

Moving her shoulder to the left and pulling her hands down, she said: ‘I really easily grabbed it, like he wasn’t expecting me to take it

‘I turned away from him. I was trying to see the message and I could just see his home screen.

‘I felt a heavy thud on top of me, what I knew to be the weight of him and trying to pry the phone out of my fingers but I was going into protective mode. I curled over and felt him yank my arm.

‘He was trying to pry the phone out of my hands. When that wasn’t successful he put his arm behind my back’, putting her right arm behind her back’.

Jabbari said Majors began ‘peeling’ her fingers off the phone and was ‘twisting my arm, my hand’.

(He was) trying to make me feel pain. Just felt excruciating’, she said.

‘Next I felt a really hard blow across my head’ making a swiping motion over the back right side of her head.

‘It took me aback. I was in pain but I was thinking who is this girl?

‘I said just show me it, if it’s nothing. Are you cheating on me? I was upset, confused, he has his arms out. He was pressing me everywhere it could reach it felt’.

Jabbari couldn’t fend off Majors because he was ‘very strong’. ‘I couldn’t move’, she said.

‘He was using his hands and his arms to force me. Everywhere, my face, my arms, my neck, my chest. Head’.

‘I tried to hit his arms away, I was hitting like that’, using both arms to indicate she slapped him.

Asked if she scratched Majors, Jabbari said no.

Majors ordered the driver to stop and then turned around and pushed her back into the car, Jabbari said

The jury were shown security camera footage of the car stopped in the middle of the street.

Majors can be seen lifting Jabbari up and putting her back in the car as she tries to get out.

He walks to the sidewalk then runs off, with Jabbari running after him.

Describing what was happening, Jabbari said: ‘He was trying to make me stay in the car, trying to push me. My body felt very light in his hands so it felt just that he was forcing me to stay in his car. He was holding me with (his arms). My arms were by my body.

‘He was running away. I couldn’t work out why I followed. I wanted to hear – literally that morning we’re talking about when we’re getting married, the names of our children and he’s running away instead of saying actually I’ve had an affair. It was silence and bolting out the door…I was really heartbroken’.

Jabbari said she felt ‘sad’.

She said: ‘Everything I knew to be true was not’.

As the court came into session on Tuesday, Majors sat at a table with his lawyers reading a Bible he brought with him

Grace Jabbari’s sister arrives at court wearing a camel-colored coat

Jonathan Majors, left, and his girlfriend Meagan Good held hands as they entered court on Monday

Creed actor Majors walked into the Manhattan court on Monday wearing a dark suit, sunglasses, black boots and a black beret – carrying a Bible and a notebook

Prosecutors had previously detailed how Majors attacked Jabbari to ‘cover up his infidelity’.

Emmy-nominated Majors is said to have got into a row with Jabbari as they returned from a New York City bar when she saw a text from another woman which read: ‘Wish I was kissing you right now’. 

In his opening statement, prosecutor Michael Perez said the assault came after Majors subjected Jabbari to months of a ‘cruel and manipulative pattern of psychological and physical abuse’.

The alleged abuse included throwing things at the wall and berating her for not living up to the standards of Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King, the wife of Martin Luther King.

Majors has strongly denied the allegations and his lawyers said that Jabbari was the one who attacked him as they rode home, then chased him through the streets of Manhattan when he exited their car.

Jabbari did it in ‘revenge’ for finding out that Majors had been texting another woman, the jury was told.

Majors’ lawyer Priya Chaudhry said: ‘This is the case about the end of a relationship, not a crime. At least, not one that Mr Majors committed’.

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