Outrage as trans women take gold & silver medal at cycling competition

‘This makes me sick to my stomach!’ Outrage as transgender women take gold AND silver medal at Illinois cycling championships

  • Tessa Johnson and Evelyn Williamson – both biological men – continued their pattern of dominating women’s cycling competitions over the weekend 
  • The pair took the gold and silver medals, respectively, at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships, leaving just one biologial woman on the podium 
  • The continued destruction of women’s sports by transgender athletes infuriated only advocates who voiced their outrage with the situation

A pair of transgender women won first and second place in a female race at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships over the weekend, sparking fury among advocates for women’s athletics.

The championships were held on December 3 and were comprised of some one dozen different competitions divided into men, women, and junior athlete categories.

But it was two biological men who placed atop the podium for the Women’s Singlespeed category.

Kristin Chalmers, the bronze medalist, was the sole biological female on a podium that included Tessa Johnson and Evelyn Williamson.

According to Reduxx, Chicago CrossCup’s website notes that it will disqualify anyone who practices ‘discrimination or harassment of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, or any other stupid idea someone comes up with to belittle another racer.’

News of the gold and silver wins of the transgender athletes lit up X as women’s sports advocates reacted in disgust and dismay to podium spots that had been stolen from biologically female competitors.

Kristin Chalmers, the bronze medalist, was the sole biological female on a podium that included Tessa Johnson (gold) and Evelyn Williamson (silver)

Megyn Kelly simply called the incident ‘infuriating,’ while tennis legend Martina Navratilova wrote: ‘More mediocre male bodies taking podium places from female athletes. And it stinks!!!!’

Piers Morgan was also horrified: ‘It’s so outrageous. Why aren’t more women standing up against this assault on their rights?’ he wrote on X.

An account called the Lesbian Republican wrote: ‘Cycling has been my refuge since I was a little girl. This makes me sick to my stomach and full of rage.’

Former NCAA swimmer and current advocate for the continued existence of women’s sports Riley Gaines offered to compensate female cyclists who boycott USA Cycling competitions.

‘Any woman who concedes and doesn’t compete, I will personally pay them the prize money they’re missing out on. Stop participating in the farce,’ she wrote.

Johnson and Williamson have been racing as women for years. Since 2017, Williamson has collected some 18 first place titles in races across the country.

According to past reporting, Williamson competed in both men’s and women’s categories at the Sky Express Winter Criterium in March 2020, where the cyclist won first place racing against women.

But she didn’t place in the men’s race comprised of 40 cyclists – suggesting that Navratilova may have hit the nail on the head with her statement.

Johnson has also picked up a number of victories in female races, after previously competing in men’s categories while riding for Clemson University.

Several months ago, Reduxx reported that the pair competed as a team in two women’s races in Illinois, claiming first place in both.

In one of those competitions, the athletes chose ‘TS-ESTRODOLLS’ as their team name – referencing the cross-sex hormone. 

Williamson and Johnson (pictured riding together) have both enjoyed significant success competing in women’s categories in recent years 

Tessa (formerly Michael) Johnson competed in both men’s and women’s categories at the Sky Express Winter Criterium in March 2020, where the cyclist won first place racing against women but didn’t place in the men’s race

Killips and Williamson reportedly hit it off after they bonded over ‘how to navigate a career in the sport as transgender athletes’

Williamson is reportedly in a polyamorous relationship with fellow trans cyclist Austin Kilips, who competes against biological women and has become notorious for shoving a competitor during a race. 

Kilips’ unmitigated aggression has forced at least one biological female champion out of the sport. 

Recalling, to bicycling.com, the beginning of the ‘polyamorous’ tryst, Williamson called the unconventional relationship ‘just very happy.’

‘I got along with everyone, and it just kind of worked out… There was no expectation that we would all date together. But it just so happened that that worked out really well for all of us,’ said the athlete.

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