Putin’s 'attack dog' Kadyrov 'in critical condition after falling into a coma' as warlord battles mystery illness | The Sun

PUTIN'S war dog Ramzan Kadyrov is in critical condition due to a serious illness, according to Ukrainian Security Services.

SBU spokesperson Andriy Yusov revealed that the Chechen strongman's "existing diseases" had worsened and he was now fighting for his life in a coma.

Yusov told the Ukrainian news outlet Obozrevatel: "Yes, indeed, there is information that war criminal Kadyrov is in serious condition — his existing diseases have worsened and caused such a serious condition."

"He has been ill for a long time, and it is about systemic health problems. But he has been in serious condition for the last few days."

Kadyrov, 46, is said to have been in a coma for several days and is now waiting to be transferred from Chechnya to receive treatment abroad – likely in the UAE.

Yusov said the information had come from multiple medical and political sources but gave no further details.


Putin’s war dog ‘had doctor BURIED ALIVE after blaming him for ill health’

Putin’s war dog Kadyrov looks bloated with discoloured hands

The Chechen war dog has been a strong supporter of Putin's Ukraine invasion sending in his own troops to wage war on the frontline.

The health of Kadyrov has also been the subject of speculation for months amid claims he is terminally ill.

In March, the father of 14 laughed off rumours in a Telegram post.

He wrote: "For those who console themselves with the hope that I am terminally ill, I am sorry to upset you."

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But recent pictures appeared to show the bloated brute after claims he'd buried his own personal doctor alive for trying to poison him.

Telegram channel VChK-OGPU – which has links to law enforcement – said the warlord "blamed the sharp deterioration in his health" on Suleymanov.

Despite disputing rumours about his health, the chubby-looking warmonger appeared in a video in July where he admitted he "might not have long to live".

He told followers he'd posted the video to "prove he was still alive".

Many feared he may be suffering from liver or kidney problems after spotting his discoloured right hand in the clip.

In the footage, Kadyrov is seen with Russian MP Adam Delimkhanov – who was reported to have been killed or wounded in the Ukraine war in June after being targeted by a missile strike.

Kadyrov says: "We are still alive somehow.

"Anyway, we don’t want to live long. We will live a short but decent life."

Reports at the time suggested that Kadyrov was already very unwell and unable to speak but it appears his condition has now worsened, according to the SBU.

The Prada-wearing warlord known for his medieval forms of torture was brought in by Vlad to salvage his shambolic invasion.

The hardman has been outspoken about the West during Vlad's shambolic war – threatening to attack Poland and demanding nukes be used on the frontline.


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He even drafted his own three teenage sons to fight in Ukraine.

His latest health woes come after the Kadyrov's family doctor Elkhan Suleymanov is feared dead after vanishing last year.

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