Shani Louk whose naked body was paraded by Hamas was peace-lover who shunned army service… as tragic dance vid emerges | The Sun

A GERMAN woman who had her naked body paraded around by Hamas terrorists in a horrifying display of war was a pacifist and peace activist.

Shani Louk, 30, has not been accounted for since the horrifying footage of her body being spat on by militants sparked outrage around the globe.

The German-Israeli citizen was seized from a peace music festival near Gaza by armed militants during the Saturday morning attack which sparked a declaration of war from Israel.

And heartbreaking video of her dancing joyfully a few months before she went missing was released today.

Her family said that the tattoo artist loved to dance and travel.

Now her aunt has revealed Shani was a staunch advocate for peace and objected to military service in Israel.



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National military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizen over the age of 18, for a minimum of 32 months for men and 24 months for women.

Shani had refused to partake in the mandatory service and reportedly held firmly anti-war stances.

She had been attending the peace music festival in south Israel when Hamas launched their campaign of terror into Israel.

The festival was one of the first sites attacked when the Palestinian militant group Hamas stormed across the border on Saturday with paragliders and armed soldiers.

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A witness, Gili Yoskovich, described people "dying all around" as she stayed silent in a desperate attempt to escape the terror group's hail of bullets.

Shani's mother, Ricarda Louk, saw the harrowing footage of her daughter in the back of a Hamas truck but has yet to hear more from her.

Ricarda told CNN: "The video looks very bad but I still have hope. I hope she's still alive somewhere.

"We don't have anything else to hope for. We're trying to believe."

When violence erupted in Israel on Saturday, Ricarda had desperately tried to make sure her daughter was safe.

She said: "I started calling her to see where she is, if she was near a secure location, and she said she was in a festival in the south and was panicking a little bit."

Ricarda's worries were increased after seeing videos of armed militants shooting anyone trying to reach their vehicles – which Shani told her mum she was doing.

No updates have been given on Shani's whereabouts, but cousin Tom Weintraub Louk said the family hasn't given up.

He spoke to The Washington Post about his cousin: "We have some kind of hope. Hamas is responsible for her and the others.

"We recognised her by the tattoos, and she has long dreadlocks."

Hundreds of other attendees of the music festival remain missing, with many like Shani thought to have been kidnapped and taken into Gaza.

It comes as Israel has ordered a total blockade on bomb-blitzed Gaza after Hamas terrorists unleashed a bloodbath dubbed "Israel’s 9/11".

More than 1,200 people in Israel and Gaza have been killed since the Palestinian militant group stormed across the border on Saturday.

A deadly concoction of over 600 warplanes and 300 rocket launchers is being used to blitz the densely-populated Gaza Strip as Israel begins their "complete siege".

In the last 20 hours, Israeli officials have said they have dropped 2,000 munitions and 1,000 ton bombs on over 10,000 Hamas targets.

Now, Israel is planning to launch a coordinated ground offensive in the "next 48 hours", US officials reported.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to reduce Gaza to “rubble” as he blitzes Hamas strongholds in revenge for Saturday's surprise attack.

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He has brought in special forces as his troops pound the Gaza Strip with relentless air strikes after officially declaring war on Hamas.

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