Tesco mocked by shoppers for putting £2 protein bar in thief-proof box | The Sun

TESCO has beefed up its security measures – by putting a £2 protein bar under lock and key.

Weightlifters and shoplifters alike now have to get past a thick, plastic security box to get their hands on a Fulfil Chocolate Slated Caramel Vitamin and Protein Bar.

The light snack costs only £2 with a Clubcard and just £2.90 without one.

Shoppers mocked the supermarket after spotting the bar caged up inside a Tesco Extra branch in Gallows Corner, Essex, on Tuesday.

One told The Sun: “I know there’s a cost of living crisis but this is just ridiculous.

“Who is trying to shoplift a £2 protein bar?



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“Next thing you know they’ll be putting bottles of water in security boxes.”

It is not the first time Tesco has been mocked for their over-eager security measures.

Last year shoppers were shocked to find toothbrushes and even fake eyelashes inside GPS-tagged security boxes to stave off shoplifters.

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