Abbey Clancy – ‘Pete said he will leave if we have more kids’

Abbey Clancy has revealed how a recent romantic holiday with her husband Peter Crouch helped them reconnect – and discuss having more children.

The 37-year-old, who already has four kids with the former footballer, admits the cracks had begun to appear in their relationship before Peter, 42, whisked her off on a surprise sunshine break last month.

“Pete and I have been together for nearly 20 years, and it’s hard to keep the spark alive,” she tells new. “The main thing is not to take each other for granted, and Pete surprised me with a trip to Thailand, which was such a thoughtful thing to do.

“We went to Koh Samui for a couple of days, and the whole purpose was to reconnect with one another. I just wanted him to myself. It was like we’d just met.”

But not everything went to plan.

“The only thing was Pete didn’t realise it was monsoon season – it rained non-stop!” she laughs. “We were there for 48 hours and we didn’t leave our room.

We had brunch, a 13-hour nap and a massage, then we went straight to Bangkok airport.

“Pete says it wasn’t his finest hour, but I didn’t moan. I was just grateful for all the effort he’d gone to. I feel rejuvenated, and like I can be a better mother and wife.”

Abbey reveals how the topic of having more kids was raised on holiday, but Peter’s not convinced.

“We both love being parents, and it’s the most fulfilling role, but having more right now is not on the agenda. Besides, Peter has said he’ll leave me if we have any more!” she jokes.

With Abbey’s work as a model, presenter and fashion designer, and Pete’s broadcasting commitments, their lives are busier than ever. Add the chaos that comes with four children – Sophia, 12, Liberty, eight, Johnny, five, and four-year-old Jack – and it can be tough to keep life, and love, on track.

“Like any couple, we have our niggles,” says Abbey. “You can slip into your roles of cooking and cleaning, and you need to break that cycle. I’d love it if Peter was more domesticated but I’ve given up and he leaves me to do the cooking and cleaning!”

Abbey tells us she and Peter share a similar approach to parenting and also a love of sport, and it’s helped maintain their closeness as a couple.

It’s also why she is backing new research commissioned to promote the Google 8 Pixel Audio Magic Eraser, which reveals parents believe youth sports need more motivational support.

It also shows how players find shouting from the sidelines is distracting, not encouraging.

“Watching our kids succeed at sports is one of the best parts of parenting,” Abbey says. “Some of my best memories are supporting our kids at sports games, from football to swimming galas.

“I can’t help but scream from the sidelines and be their number one cheerleader. But I can get a bit over-excited and competitive, which can embarrass the kids. If I want to drown out my voice on videos, the Google 8 Pixel Audio Magic Eraser is brilliant.”

When we tell Abbey we love listening to her and Pete on The Therapy Crouch podcast, she reveals it has saved marriages and relationships.

“I feel emotional when I talk about our podcast,” she tells us. “We always get people writing to us to say how they might be going through the worst time ever, but it makes them laugh. It’s great we can take their minds off whatever troubles they’re having.

“We swear and tell rude jokes. Then the following day, I have to do the school run with the four kids and I forget I might see the headmaster or mums at the school gate, and then I want to hide!”

As fan favourites to be new hosts on ITV1’s This Morning, the fact they already go to bed early would stand them in good stead for the early starts on breakfast TV.

“Something that helps make our relationship work is that we always go to bed at the same time,” says Abbey. “Pete will occasionally stay downstairs and watch the football highlights while I have a bath. But generally, we go to bed at the same time, and Pete brings me tea and cake.”

What’s next? Could a reality show at home with the Crouches be on the cards?

“I loved the Beckhams documentary and I think Victoria has an amazing sense of humour,” says Abbey. “It was fascinating to gain an insight into their lives. But there are no plans to make a doc about our family. We both have too much going on to let cameras into our house right now.”

The couple , who live in a mansion in Surrey, are preparing for Christmas, but Abbey’s already steeling herself for the big day and Peter’s contribution – or lack of it.

“Will he be helping me with the Christmas lunch? No, that will be down to me,” she says. Maybe he’ll be serving the drinks? “Ha, no,” she laughs, “I think it’s more like he will be serving himself!”

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