Horrific New Details – Ruby Franke Confesses To Brutal Child Abuse Accusations

Ruby Franke officially pleaded guilty to felony child abuse on Monday, which means two big things. First off, obviously this horrible case is a huge step closer to being over. There won’t be a long drawn-out trial for the former mommy blogger, which is probably best for the children.

Second, it means the YouTube star had to admit to her crimes. That means details we’ve never seen before. Brace yourselves — and we completely understand if anyone isn’t able to stomach all of this.

When Franke and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, were first charged with child abuse, the accusations was rather vaguely spelled out as “a combination of multiple physical injuries or torture; starvation or malnutrition that jeopardizes life; and causing severe emotional harm.” That’s bad enough. But now we have much more specific details.



In her confession, Ruby admitted to torturing her 12-year-old son RF. There’s just no other word for what she did. The doc lays out:

“Specific instances of abuse committed by the defendant include (1) kicking RF while wearing boots, (2) holding his head underwater, and (3) cutting off oxygen by placing her hands over his mouth and nose.”

Prisoners of war aren’t even supposed to be treated like this. Soldiers get kicked out for doing these things, and yet that’s what the lady from 8 Passengers was doing to her child??


Ruby admitted she forced him to do physical labor for hours a day. But understand this wasn’t just a kid having to do chores. He was forced to do “wall-sits” and to carry boxes full of books up and down stairs, serving no purpose but to punish him. He was often made to work barefoot outside in the summer heat. The hours of intense labor without safety precautions led to “repeated and serious sunburns with blistered and sloughing skin.” He was punished when he “secretly consumed water.” He was also “denied sufficient food” and when he did get food it was plain chicken and rice while the rest of the family ate full, flavorful meals. He was denied any form of entertainment — no electronics, no books, no notebooks to write or draw.


When RF attempted to run away, Ruby began regularly binding his hands and feet. Sometimes he was tied to Ruby, sometimes to heavy weights. Sometimes the mommy blogger used actual handcuffs, one pair each on his wrists and ankles. Sometimes these were tied together “so that his arms and lower legs were lifted off the ground.” In other words, she hog-tied him. Like an animal. The cuffs “cut through the skin and damaged the muscle/tissue” but the boy was not given proper medical treatment. Per the doc:

“These injuries were treated with homeopathic remedies and covered with duct tape. Then the bindings were placed on top of the duct tape.”

Even when he was injured, he was kept bound.

Worse was the psychological binding. RF was being told the whole time he deserved this treatment and “that he was evil and possessed.” He was told “everything being done to him were acts of love.” This was all in an effort to “indoctrinate” him into obedience.

Little Sister

The document goes on to reveal RF’s little sister EF, who was only 9 years old, was “subjected to the same treatment” — the outdoor work, the horrible sunburns, being told she was evil. EF “was also forced to run barefoot on dirt roads for an extended period,” causing her feet to be “repeatedly injured.” No binding, thankfully — though perhaps it just hadn’t begun yet.

We just can’t imagine treating another human being this way, much less the children you’re supposed to love unconditionally. Just horrible. You can read the full confession HERE.

Franke pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated child abuse, each with a penalty of 1-15 years in prison. That means she’s facing anywhere from 4 to 60 years behind bars. Her sentencing hearing is set for February 20, 2024.

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