Lightning Strike Kills 2 People On Mexico Beach, Horrifying Video

2 people are reportedly dead after being hit by a bolt of lightning on a beach in Mexico … and the horrifying incident was caught on video.

The ordeal went down in Michoacán Monday, along the country’s Pacific coast — as the weather got super nasty. You can see someone packing up an umbrella, just before the strike.

After the first person is hit, you can see the lightning appear to travel along the sand to the other person … both of them collapse, causing nearby folks to scream in horror.

According to Spanish outlet MARCA, the victims were a man and a woman — one was a tourist, and the other sold hammocks. The outlet says the woman was killed instantly at the scene, and the man later died at the hospital while receiving treatment.

Odds for a person to get hit by lightning are rare, at about 1 in 15,300.

An average of 2,000 people are struck worldwide every year, and while 10% of those who get hit are killed, the other 90% could be left with long-term effects like memory loss and seizures.

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