Rebecca Black unrecognisable with tattoos and new look – 12 years since viral Friday hit

American singer Rebecca Black looks totally different now, 12 years after her hit song, Friday, took the internet by storm.

The star, who's now 26 and based in California, became famous worldwide in 2011 when Friday went viral on YouTube and other social media.

Now Rebecca can be seen on her Instagram page sporting knee-high black leather boots and showing off her intricate tattoos on her arms and thighs.

Her catchy tune, which has racked up over 168 million views on YouTube, had a mixed reception due to its music video and use of auto-tune.

When the song was released, Rebecca was just 13 and was left upset and crying by the harsh comments, especially when it was labelled "the worst song ever".

In an interview with NPR, she opened up about how difficult it was to deal with the sudden fame as a teenager. She admitted: "Millions of people having awareness that you exist as a teenager is really complicated, and something I didn't really understand. And probably still don't understand now. I've struggled a lot, as somebody who's grown into who I am now."

Despite the initial backlash, the YouTube comments section for the music video is now filled with positivity and praise for Rebecca.

One fan recently wrote: "I still remember this song after so many years. People can hate if they want but I think she killed it. It takes courage to put yourself out there and all deal with backlash."

Another admirer commented: "It's amazing how much she improved since this song, and how resilient she's been in all the hate."

A third added: "It's funny how much this song got blown out of proportion back then. It's really not even that bad, the lyrics are little dopey but it's about what I'd expect from a kid her age at the time. Now I just pop back in sometimes and listen for nostalgia

Rebecca isn't the only star to change up their look. Benidorm fans might have been surprised to find Adam Gillen's name in the cast credits for BBC drama Boat Story, as the actor looks completely unrecognisable from his days as Liam Conroy.

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