Tommy DeVito Buries Hatchet W/ NJ Pizza Place After Dispute W/ Owners

Tommy DeVito

Deep breath paisanos, PR crisis averted for Tommy DeVito! 😰

Just hours after the NYG signal caller caught grief online, DeVito made things right with a local Jersey restaurant owner and fans by showing up and hanging out with a gang of Big Blue fans … where he took photos, signed autographs, and ate!

The controversy started this week when the owners of Coniglio’s Old Fashioned pizzeria in Morristown (NJ) accused the 25-year-old rookie of going back on his word, alleging Tommy agreed to a $10k appearance fee, only to double his rate after the Giants’ big MNF win over the Packers on December 11.

Tommy DeVito

But, we’re told the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

Sean Salci, DeVito’s marketing agent and attorney, told us his client wasn’t aware of what was going on, and there was never a concrete deal in place.

Tommy DeVito

Still, DeVito was criticized, and the young signal caller wanted to make everyone happy … so he made a surprise appearance at the pizza parlor.

“DeVito and the owner made good,” Salci said. “He got the full experience today.”

There hasn’t been a more popular player across the league over the last month than DeVito — an undrafted rookie (2023) — who took over the starting job when Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor went down with injuries.

The Giants play the Eagles on Christmas Eve … and for the time being, all’s well in North Jersey.

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