Paris Hilton surprised her family on Thanksgiving with her second baby

Paris Hilton made a surprise announcement on Thanksgiving that she and husband Carter Reum just welcomed a baby girl, London, via surrogacy. While no one was surprised that Paris finally got her long-awaited baby girl who is named after her favorite city, it was still an unexpected announcement, especially since her son, Phoenix, is only 10-months-old. I know Paris probably has nannies all day and night, but having two babies less than a year apart sounds exhausting to me. I had mine four years apart because it took me three years to recover from my first child, who literally never slept. I have nothing but the utmost respect and awe for all of your parents out there who’ve had or are raising babies that are close in age.

Anyway, after an unsuccessful attempt to do IVF in 2020, Paris has been really private about her reproductive journey. Not even her family knew about Phoenix until after he was born. Turns out, Paris repeated the exact same playbook with London’s birth, too. According to Paris, the public found out about London right after their families did. During an appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark on Monday, November 27, Hilton revealed how she and Reum made the surprise introduction during a Thanksgiving celebration.

During her appearance on the Monday, November 27, episode of Live With Kelly and Mark, Hilton, 42, recalled the moment she and husband Carter Reum “surprised the whole family” with their baby girl. “I’m in heaven,” she gushed. “I just feel like my life is so complete, I just feel so at peace and excited and grateful for everything in my life.”

Hilton dished on her “amazing” Thanksgiving, explaining that she and Reum gathered their loved ones into one room “before the turkey” for a “surprise.”

“Everyone thought a magician was coming,” she said. “Like, we have a performer coming in. So everyone’s all excited. … Then, I walk in just holding like a pink blanket with a baby, and everybody was sitting there like, ‘What?!’”

Hilton’s family “couldn’t believe” their eyes, which made the holiday that much more special. “It was the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had in my life,” she added.

Hilton announced London’s arrival via Instagram on Thursday, November 23, by sharing a photo of a pink baby outfit. “Thankful for my baby girl,” she wrote in the caption. Two days later, Hilton posed with son Phoenix, 10 months, in front of a pink Christmas tree. “Celebrating our baby girl London with a pink Christmas! 💕💕🎄💕💕,” she gushed, adding in a comment, “I love my babies sooo much!!😍😍.”

Hilton revealed on Monday that Phoenix is already adjusting to being his big brother role. “I’m hoping they’re just one grade apart,” she told Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. “I want the big brother to be watching after the little sister at school. That was the plan. … He is so gentle and sweet with her. It’s so cute.”

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So, if I make an “Oops, she did it again!” joke, will some of you at least give me a pity chuckle? Because oops, she did it again! I don’t know what Paris’ actual reproductive journey looked like, but I do hope she recognizes and is grateful for how fortunate she is that she was able to plan out her family.

Also, I know I’m not the only person wondering why, out of all of the things Paris and Carter could have planned, their family thought a magician was coming to perform. Is that a thing that super wealthy people do for entertainment? Imagine the shock of expecting someone to pull a rabbit out of a hat and instead getting a newborn in a pink blanket. Man, I hope Paris filmed their reactions to that for Season 3 of Paris in Love. I imagine they’d look a lot like Lucille Bluth’s reactions to Gene Parmesan surprising her yet again. I’d definitely watch that clip on YouTube.

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