Sergey Tokarev about IT investments: The main thing in this world is sharing everything

Curiosity always leads to moving forward and achieving great objectives. This human characteristic helped the investor to start his career in the IT industry. Sergey Tokarev, investor and the founder of technology company Roosh, shared the main factors that played a significant role in his formation as an investor.

Sergey Tokarev’s first attempt was rewriting a code from a paper magazine. Thus, he created his first website. Today, the investor’s portfolio counts over a hundred investments in IT startups, developed technology companies, and proactive educational and charitable activities. He is currently partnering with Andreessen Horowitz and Twitter in investment activity.

Curious approach helps you find your way

Sergey Tokarev has always been curious about everything he comes across. This human feature has led him to his commitment to the IT field. The investor shares that he is interested in everything that happens around him. New communications and novelties in the IT industry promote him to gain new knowledge and ideas. This helps move ahead, get insights, and grow.

Keeping such an approach, the investor got familiar with the IT world. The experience of studying the codes of other websites has become a good incentive for a future investor to grow and succeed. His simple curiosity went through various tries and failures. Then, it led to the development of a thorough mindset.

The main thing in this world is sharing everything

Sergey Tokarev didn’t become an investor at once. He applied for different jobs, tried many positions and responsibilities in information technology. It was a good experience for him to understand better the IT area. Then, he was promoted from an ordinary employee to a manager. Later, he started developing his own companies and became an investor.

The businessman notices that he likes to develop people and product companies. He considers it his mission to grow such people as more as possible. He encourages them to share their versatile experiences that might include ups and downs. As a result, his philosophy is based on two principle phrases he received from Igor Khanin, the rocket construction engineer. Their concepts are underlined in two statements: “The cell lives while it divides” and “What will remain in history after you die? Money? Who needs them!” These insights let him realize that there is nothing more valuable than sharing everything—your inner world, good and bad experiences, and even money. In addition, teaching others what you know is of high importance.

Angel investments

Sergey Tokarev developed his own concept of angel investing based on a wealth of expertise. According to him, an angel investor is not just a detached investor of money, but also an assistant to founders. He compares angel investors with guardians who protect, guide and solve the problems of their startups. They contribute to them to make projects more efficient and build appropriate networks.

The investor could embody his philosophy in a new project called AI ​​HOUSE. It represents a community dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). This project creates a special environment for scientists, entrepreneurs, students, startuppers, investors, and developers from the AI ​​and ML spheres to share their knowledge and experience. AI HOUSE is going to be a kind of hub that will attract the right people to interact with each other and increase their expertise. As a result, Sergey Tokarev believes that Ukraine will become a European center for AI and ML development.