4 things hiding in your cupboard that instantly work as mouse repellents as the unexpected guests begin to invade homes | The Sun

Struggling to deal with uninvited visitors creeping into your home now that winter is here? (and no, we don't mean your in-laws inviting themselves around for Christmas dinner).

Mice typically invade the home around this time of year, as it gets colder outside and food gets scarce and they can be very tricky to get rid of.

However, one woman has shared a genius hack for repelling rodents, using four things you have lying around in your cupboard.

Yvette Madrid shared the tip on her TikTok channel, where she is known as @only.1.rae.

In a video, the nifty mum said: "Hi everyone, it's that time of year where unexpected guests come uninvited – here's how to get rid of them."

Yvette then pulled out some tiny favour bags and showed viewers the household items she puts inside them to get rid of pesky rodents.

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The first thing that Yvette put into the bags was a peppermint teabag.

"They hate the smell", she explained.

The mum then added cinnamon, cloves and some pepper flakes to the bag.

She said: Close the bags and then put them in closets or under cabinets, wherever you want!"

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Yvette explained that the mice are repelled by any spice that has a strong smell – so you can use alternatives if you don't own the four items used in the video.

She added that she changes the bags when the spices start to lose their smell.

TikTok users flooded to the comments to praise Yvette for her hack.

One user said: "Thanks for the tip. Hopefully they stay away this year."

Another user added: "Thank you. My home thanks you lol".

A third added: "Thanks. I brought some cinnamon brooms and put them in my locker at work. I may need to try this next."

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