BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Layton Williams goes public with mystery boyfriend for first time

Strictly Come Dancing's Layton Williams sent fans into a frenzy as he introduced his secret boyfriend on Instagram.

The 29 year old West End star, who had previously hinted at a new romance, shared a full view of his deli-owner beau as they celebrated his birthday.

Layton revealed that he and his boyfriend first met at Glastonbury and, for his partner's birthday, the Strictly favourite treated him to a luxury spa day. He posted a couple of photos with his businessman to celebrate their relationship and his boyfriend's special day.

One photo showed the happy couple at the 2023 Glastonbury Festival, while another captured them relaxing in a huge bath at the AIRE Ancient Baths in Covent Garden, London. Layton captioned the post: "Birthday boy… How it started vs How it's going."

In the past, Layton had mentioned being in a relationship but kept his boyfriend's identity under wraps and recently told Alan Carr's Life's a Beach podcast, "I've got a man, you know, it's new though, it's only been a soft launch on Instagram," hinting that he had shared sneak peeks of his partner on his social media feed.

However, Layton didn't tag his partner or name him – although he is believed to own a delicatessen in North London – and referenced this himself as he shared another snap on Stories with a caption stating: "Happy Birthday to my fave! #HardLaunch But no @ coz y'all are too [nosey]."

While many followers were quick to congratulate Layton on his happy relationship, many were distracted by the second image that the star shared as it showed huge bath that seemed to be filled with deep red liquid.

One baffled follower wrote: "Is that a bath full of wine?" Prompting another to remark: "I was about to ask that". While a further follower declared :"Is that a bath full of wine??? my idea of heaven!!!"

Layton, however, had a bit of a shock on Strictly this past weekend when he found himself in the bottom two on Sunday night.

Despite being one of the favourites to win, Layton and his dance partner Nikita Kuzmin were up against TV presenter Angela Scanlon and Carlos Gu.

The judges decided to keep Layton in the competition, which meant Angela had to leave. On Monday, Layton shared a photo of himself back at dance practice with the caption: "I'm still standing.".

After the close call on Sunday, Layton defended his performance. He said to the judges: "I feel like we've always come out and kind of like done something potentially a little bit more out there pushing the boundaries… we've thrown in this and that… and there's always an element of surprise.

"Why shouldn't we be swinging from poles and living our best lives? It went down pretty (well) if you ask me so I'm really proud and I stand by it, it's also a couple's choice. Get into it."

Nikita also stood up for their dance, which included some pole dancing. He said: "At the end of the day, we're just two boys dancing together and we are having fun, we're trying to bring a show, and well, if somebody doesn't like this, it's absolutely fine."

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