I bought pink 'booty scrunch' leggings but they didn't look right, I was so embarrassed watching myself back in the gym | The Sun

A FITNESS fan has shared an unfortunate wardrobe fail in some viral leggings that she didn't notice while at the gym.

She admitted that it wasn't until she watched a video of herself at home that she realized the style didn't look right on her.

Registered nurse Amy Schichtl (@amyschichtl) doesn't mind poking fun at herself, in and out of the gym.

In a TikTok video, she showed her dedication to her fitness routine and obliviousness to a fashion mishap.

Amy began the video by walking up to a pull-up bar in the gym.

She wore a light pink sports bra and NVGTN Magenta Solid Seamless Leggings, $48.

The bottoms were popular online for their supposed booty scrunching abilities.

The blonde woman admitted that they did not have the desired effect on her body shape.

"When you think you bought cute scrunch leggings but in reality you bought leggings that look like a booty hole," the subtitle read.

She performed several pull-ups completely oblivious to how they looked on her.

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It wasn't until she watched the video back that she realized.

Amy simply wrote in the video caption: "How embarrassing."

Several viewers offered supportive comments about her hard work in the gym.

"Nice job," one commented, " while another added: "Wow, work."

"Ok, pull-ups!! That’s a goal of mine," a fan praised.

She replied: "Girl, it took me forever! And I still don’t have the perfect form."

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