Millie Radford, 22, reveals Ophelia and Chester’s reactions to newborn sibling as she shares adorable new snaps | The Sun

MILLIE Radford has shared adorable new snaps of baby Elodie-Jade, who arrived on Tuesday.

The mum-of-three, 22, also revealed how her other two kids, Ophelia, three, and Chester, one, have reacted to their newborn sister.

Millie showed a sweet shot of Ophelia carefully cradling her sister, and said: “One very protective big sissie.”

She also shared a clip of Chester cuddling Elodie-Jade, and added: “And Chester Bleu is so kind and gentle, they’ve both took to her so well.”

The youngest Radford weighed 7lb 10z when she arrived this week.

Sue and Millie's partner Harley acted as birth partners for Millie during the water birth.

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And after Millie shared news of Elodie-Jade's arrival in a post on Instagram, Sue was among the first to comment.

"Aww Millie she’s just so beautiful," Sue wrote.

"I’m so proud of you you did amazing bringing her into the world.

"Thank you so much for asking me to be with you. Love you Xxx"

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Sue's comment, and even the fact Millie asked her to be her birth partner, is even more notable considering the "feud" between mother and daughter earlier this year.

The Radford family ''feud'' began in April following an Instagram post about a family trip to Disneyland in Florida earlier this year.

Since then, neither Millie nor Sue or any other member of the Radford family have referred to the "feud".

And Sue being such a massive part of Elodie-Jade's birth is the final sign that the apparent disagreement is well and truly behind them.

Sue also posted a snap of herself holding the newborn on her family's Instagram page, writing over the top: "Welcome to the family Elodie-Jade.

"So proud of you millie you did amazing – she’s a such a beautiful addition to the family. Congratulations."

And new dad Harley also took to his Instagram page to share his joy after Elodie-Jade's birth.

"Couldn't be anymore proud of you with how amazing you did delivering our beautiful girl into the world I love use so much my family is now complete!" he wrote alongside the same pictures Millie had shared of the new arrival.

"Also thank you so much sue for helping millie get through it, also i wouldn't of got through it without you."

"Aww Harley she’s just adorable," Sue replied.

"I’m so happy for you all, what a beautiful addition to the family."

Millie and Elodie-Jade are already back from the hospital, it seems, as her sister Ellie shared snaps of herself holding the tot on her Instagram Stories.

"Welcome to the world little princess," she wrote.

"Auntie Ellie loves you lots".

Ellie also commented on Millie's birth announcement post on Instagram, writing: "Perfect little princess".

Her other siblings were also quick to offer their congratulations, with Chloe writing: "We can’t wait to meet our beautiful niece/cousin – she’s absolutely beautiful."

In May, Millie announced that she was pregnant with her third child and that they were expecting a baby girl.

She shared a video of her kids playing on the beach, with partner Harley kicking a ball which emitted pink smoke.

Millie captioned the video: “One more to love and adore baby No3 is [heart emoji]."

Sue and Noel are parents to Chris, 34, Sophie, 29, Chloe, 28, Jack, 26, Daniel, 24, Luke, 22, Millie, 22, Katie, 20, James, 19, Ellie, 18, Aimee, 17, Josh, 16, Max, 14, Tillie, 13, Oscar, 11, Casper, 10, Hallie, eight, Phoebe, seven, Archie, six, Bonnie, four, and Heidie, three.

Sadly the couple's 17th child Alfie was still born on July 6, 2014.

Sue, 48, and Noel, 52, got hitched when Sue was 17 and say their marriage has never had any serious difficulties, despite the constant stream of children.

Noel underwent a vasectomy during the ninth pregnancy but then had it reversed. 

The couple have claimed Heidie is their last baby, after Sue has spent around 6,000 days of her life pregnant.


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The family famously doesn’t rely on benefits and is supported by their pie shop business

The Radfords, who live in a 10-bed former care home, often show off their millionaire lifestyle on Instagram.

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