I let my 7-year-old wear whatever make-up she wants – trolls say I’m a terrible mum, but she loves looking good | The Sun

FOR most people, choosing when to let your child experiment with make-up is a bit of a touchy subject. 

But one mum has courted controversy online by admitting she has a rather simple solution – letting her seven-year old wear as much slap as she wants. 

Dee and her daughter Rudy have racked up 400,000 followers on their TikTok acount @deexrudy_. 

And videos regularly feature the youngster unboxing cosmetics hauls, trying on products, and even getting lessons for a make-up artist. 

In one video that’s received almost 60,000 viewers, Rudy applies concealer around her eyes before doing a “sunset smoky eye” look with orange and red eyeshadows from the brand Lottie London. 

Another shows the seven-year-old testing out a range of “really cute” stamp eyeliners, applying black heart and butterfly shapes on top of a dramatic eyeshadow look. 

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Rudy and Dee feature in multiple transition clips, starting the video fresh-faced before swirling the brush, and jumping to a shot of them both flawlessly made up. 

Dee also posted a jokey video captioned “Me when I said I wasn’t gonna let Rudy wear make-up”, accompanied with a clip singing “I was lying to myself”. 

The pair have plenty of super fans, with commenters regularly sharing their love for Rudy’s cheeky commentary. 

“Your make-up is so good, I’m so proud of you,” one wrote. 

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“No lie Rudy, your make-up skills are better than mind and I am 42,” another one joked. “Keep it up beautiful girly.” 

But the controversial clips have also triggered dozens of comments mum-shaming Dee and claiming that her daughter is way too young to be piling on the slap. 

“Why is she putting on make-up,” one user wrote under a video of Rudy copying her mum’s look. “She’s too young.” 

Another pointed out the seven-year-old “literally just lost her baby teeth”. 

“She’s going to get lots of spots when older,” another wrote. 

But Dee regularly posts about not caring what the trolls say, because getting creative with cosmetics makes her daughter happy.

In a jokey video, Dee posted a clip of her fresh-faced daughter captioned "when the trolls start" – before cutting to the seven-year-old in full make-up, mouthing along to "You can't tell me nothing".

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