Only the smartest of you will find four mice and five mushrooms among the fall leaves in less than 10 seconds | The Sun

THINK you're smart? Well, you might have to revalue that judgment by the time you've finished this brainteaser.

Your task is to find four mice and five mushrooms in this busy image.

They are hidden among the fall leaves, which makes this challenge doubly hard.

If that wasn't enough, you also have to beat the clock.

You have just ten seconds to locate the rodents and fungi.

Perhaps you thought you were smart before but this test might seriously undermine that confidence.

It is a brain teaser but in all likelihood, you will be experiencing brain ache by the time you have finished.

There is a good reason for this, because this quest is fiendishly difficult.

The finger of blame is squarely pointed at the master of such images.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás Dudolf, aka The Dudolf, has created dozens of equally mind blowing scenes.

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They amuse, tax, befuddle and infuriate gamers.

The answers are there, but, it must be admitted, not in plain sight.

If you have succeeded and found the objects of your search, congratulations.

You are one smart cookie. But if success has eluded you, commisserations.

Avert your eyes now if you would prefer not to know the location of the hidden mice and mushrooms.

Perhaps you still have enough appetite to try another of The Dudolf's brainteasing games?

How about this colorful one featuring feeding flamingos?

You have 25 seconds to find a heart hidden among the flock.

That's a long time but this is a tough optical illusion. You are going to need all of those seconds to complete this game.

It's also a frustrating exercise and you might find yourself spitting flamingo feathers by the time you're time is up.

Should you have found the secreted heart's hiding place, award yourself with a slap on the back.

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If the heart's location has frustrated your efforts, fear not.

We have the answer in the picture below for you. Better luck next time.

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