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CARLA Bellucci is best known as the woman who lied to get a nose job on the NHS, leading to a public outcry. 

More recently she admitted to having a 10-year affair with her now husband, Gio, 53.

But the 42-year-old is not only unrepentant about her nose job but her affair too – she claims it’s the best thing she’s ever done. 

And now she’s married to Gio she’s determined their relationship will never lose its sparkle. 

So every year since they got together officially five years ago, she palms her children off on friends or relations and has an extravagant celebration with just the two of them.

While her children will enjoy a bog-standard turkey with all the trimmings on the actual day, Carla’s Christmas with Gio is far more decadent. 

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She’ll fork out £1000 on a private chef, to make them canapes, serve them oysters and a posh Christmas meal of poussin with all the trimmings, while they drink vintage champagne.

Carla, who lives in Hertfordshire with her three youngest children, Tanisha, 18, Jayden, 16 and Blu, two, says, “When we were having our affair we’d have an early Christmas because we had no choice, we couldn’t see each other on the day as he was with his family. 

“So we’d meet a few days before to exchange presents – it would be sexy, grown up and very celebratory. 

“I never want us to lose those special times together, so we’ve kept up with the tradition.

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“Most couples spend the whole of Christmas spoiling the kids or sweating over a hot stove – it’s exhausting. 

“Parents deserve a magical time too, that doesn’t revolve round the children, so I make sure I get it. 

“Other mums should do the same, rather than moaning about how tired they are – they should give their husband something to celebrate.”

So this year on the 23 of December Carla will pull out all the stops.

It will start with shuffling her children off to stay with friends and family in the morning.

Then she’ll have a long luxurious bubble bath before slipping into slinky Christmas lingerie, bought specially for the occasion.

She says, “Gio and I will then spend the afternoon in bed together. 

“We make sure we have an active sex life – about four times a week – but it can get rushed with a toddler and teenagers in the house. This way we can take our time.”

Once they’re replete, they’ll head downstairs and drink some more champagne, while a chef prepares their meal.

“I wouldn’t fork out for a chef for the children,” admits Carla. 

“It would be wasted on them, they’re quite happy enough with a home cooked turkey. And it will be blissful to eat at home, where we can be completely private, but not have to actually cook.”

After they’ve had a leisurely meal, they’ll curl up with more champagne, some posh swiss chocolates – the kids get quality street – and exchange presents, costing at least another £1000.

Carla’s expecting jewellery.

She says, “I’ve been hinting about some diamond earrings that we saw in a local jeweller – he knows what I like – and that he’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t deliver!”

Meanwhile Carla has spent hundreds on a top of the range iPad and a new designer watch for Gio.

Later there will be more nookie, more champagne and a Christmas film, uninterrupted by a toddler’s questions!

The kids aren’t allowed back until lunchtime on the 24th , so Carla can enjoy a lie in.

She says, “I will feel so refreshed after our mini-Christmas that I can then make Christmas day all about the children. 

“They don’t mind us having an early celebration, Jayden’s a teenage boy and probably doesn’t notice, Tanisha understands and Blu is only two so doesn’t have a clue!

“And this way I won’t mind feeling hot and sweaty constantly getting the turkey out to baste it.

I will be serene as they rip open their presents, leaving the wrapping paper littered all over the floor and calms as they pinch all the pigs in blankets and Blu throws around her brussel sprouts.

“I won’t feel like I’m missing out, because I’ve already had one Christmas that is centred completely around me and Gio. I don’t understand why other women don’t do the same – they’re too keen to be martyrs and end their day feeling flat, exhausted and put upon.

“They become earth mothers like Emma Thompson in Love Actually and we all know what happened to her.

"I love being a mum, but I love being a wife and lover too and it’s far too easy to let those parts slide once you’ve got kids. 

“So even if you can’t afford to spend £2k on one day, then still take time out and have a special meal without the children! Otherwise, your man might be celebrating an early Christmas with someone else too….no one likes singing oh come all ye unfaithful!”

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