I created a moving witches broom for under $10 using Five Below and Dollar Tree buys – it's perfect for Halloween | The Sun

A DIY pro has created a moving witches' broom for under $10 using Five Below and Dollar Tree purchases.

She said that it's the perfect decoration for Halloween.

TikToker Bargain Bethany (@bargain.bethany) has a creative hack for making her witches' broom move.

For the first step, go to Dollar Tree and get a mop.

"I recommend unraveling the fabric," Bethany said. "It gives it more of a broom look than a mop. It’s less time-consuming than it looks."

The next step is to stiffen up the fabric.

"To do this I’m using hair spray," she said. "You’re going to spray both the top and the bottom of your mop."  

Then, Bethany spray-painted the mop head brown.

"It’s faster to do it this way than painting everything by hand and it helps with stiffening up the broom," the DIYer noted.

Bethany added: "I went in with light brown paint to make this look more like a broom and I glued some rope to the top."

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The second part of the project is to transform the decoration into a magical broom that seemingly moves by itself.

"You’re going to pick up a remote control car from Five Below," Bethany explained.

Then you glue a wood block to the bottom of the broom and the top of the car. 

“This is why you stiffen up the fabric: So it doesn’t keep getting stuck underneath the fabric of the remote control car," she said.

For the last step, buy a wooden dowel from Dollar Tree to create the handle of the broom.

"I placed it into the mop and that’s it," Bethany revealed. "This cost me under $10 to make."

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