Lady reveals gifts NO woman wants to unwrap on Christmas day and don't get me started on body and bath lotion sets | The Sun

FROM flowers to chocolates, the options when it comes to Christmas presents really are endless.

But if you're struggling to know what to get the woman in your life, then listen up! Because one lady named Kaitlyn has revealed the three things no woman wants to find underneath the Christmas tree this December 25.

In the clip posted to TikTok (@honestly.kaitlyn), she begins by sharing an image of a heart-shaped necklace.

Rather than receiving the item of jewellery, she says she'd rather be gifted a relaxing massage.

Kaitlyn also notes how she doesn't want to unwrap another bath and body lotion set this festive season either.

She notes that rather than wasting money on something no woman wants, she'd much rather enjoy "a night away from everyone."

Another big no for Kaitlyn is personalised blankets.

While it's very much down to personal preference, she says she'd much rather receive some Botox.

She captioned the post: "What would you add?"

The post has since gone viral, racking up thousands of likes and several comments from social media users – with very mixed opinions.

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"I love bath and body sets! To each their own. Not everyone can afford expensive gifts this year," wrote one.

A second penned: "I got the heart necklace one year…I appreciate the thoughtfulness."

A third commented: "Just give me cash and I can get what I want."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "For 15 years I’ve been asking for flowers to be delivered to my house once a month for a year from my family. Still waiting."

Another chimed in: "I told my husband I only EVER want gift cards to a medical spa."

A further added: "OK, but I freaking LOVE my personalised blanket,… soft, fuzzy and warm AND has all my fave people and pets on there!"

And one more pointed out: "Besides the massage suggestion, your alternatives are significantly more expensive lol."

Kaitlyn joked: "We deserve it!"

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