I got my dodgy 'moustache' lip filler dissolved but it was a total fail…it was so painful & my pout is seriously swollen | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she got her dodgy ‘moustache’ lip filler dissolved and was stunned at how swollen her pout became. 

Hollie Worm, from Newcastle Upon Tyne, explained that after getting lip filler for four years, she decided to take the plunge and get the filler dissolved.

She claimed as a result of the filler migration, she had a top lip that looked like a ‘shelf’ and even gave her the appearance of having a ‘moustache’.

Posting on social media, the young woman documented the before, during and after process of getting her filler dissolved.

She said: “So in two days time I'm going to be getting my top lip filler dissolved.

“Here's a side view of why I want it dissolved – it's migrated a lot, it looks like a shelf.

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“It looks better and worse in different lightings. In everyday lighting I have a kind of white moustache looking thing. It is not a vibe.”

She then noted: “It's appointment day and I'm gonna be putting some numbing cream on now before I leave the house.

“Numbing cream is on and I'm on my way.”

Moments later, Hollie showed off her swollen pout, as her lips had ballooned in size.

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The beauty fan continued: “Ok so I just had my filler dissolved.

“It was very very painful. I am very, very swollen.

“No words for this.”

Shortly after, Hollie then revealed that thankfully, the swelling had reduced, as she claimed: “It's been an hour or so and the swelling is going down and they feel a lot softer now.”

The next day, Hollie confirmed: “It is now the next morning – a lot of the filler is disappearing, my lips are a lot smaller.

"I think there's some left in the centre here, it still feels a bit firm so I'll keep an eye on it, hopefully that disappears.

“24 hours later guys and they are back to normal.”

Showing off her natural top lip, she admitted: “This is how my top lip looked years and years and years ago before I started getting filler. 

“It's so small but you can see a lot more of my teeth when I smile now.

“I'm actually debating just leaving it like this. I am booked in to get it refilled in two weeks time, so I've got plenty of time to make my mind up, but I quite like it. A lot flatter now.” 

Hollie later confirmed: “I've been getting lip filler since 2019 so there was a lot of build up.”

Hollie’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @hpxw, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has amassed a staggering 162,500 views.

Many social media users were left stunned at Hollie’s pout during the migration process. 

One person said: “The way you looked like Simpsons character when they were swollen.”

To this, Hollie replied: “I thought this too.” 

Another added: “I was debating getting mine dissolved but now I'm too scared.”

A third commented: “Hollie, that was a JUMPSCARE.”

To this, Hollie responded: “Honestly I got a fright every time I saw myself.” 

At the same time, many beauty fans urged Hollie to avoid getting filler again.

One advised: “Please leave them like this, your lips are beautiful.”

A second chimed in: “I would defo leave it, your natural lip is gorge.”

Someone else begged: “Keep them natural!” 

Whilst another simply wrote: “LEAVE THEM ALONE NOW THEY LOOK FINE NOW.” 

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