I live in a 30ft trailer with my family of 12 – we get creative with bed space, it's not perfect but better than a tent | The Sun

WHEN it came time to decide if she wanted to move into a 30-foot trailer with her family of 12, one mom didn't have to sleep on it.

She just had to find inventive ways to get everyone to fit – and snooze – soundly.

Amber de la Motte (@thehappycaravan) was eager to show her followers "how we sleep in the trailer."

The family of traveling nomads – who are also all musicians – had to reinvent sleep time for life on the road.

Getting a dozen family members to doze off in a small space is not for the faint of heart – or unimaginative mind.

Her little girls might have seemed to be comfortable enough in their sleeping space, but their bed was anything but typical.

"It used to be a table, but it converts into a bed," the mom said of how she thought outside the box to make bedtime a dream.

Her daughters weren't the only ones who didn't seem to mind the special sleeping situation.

One of Amber's sons looked to be ready to doze off on the trailer couch while another child seemed excited for his own slumber in a sleeping bag on the trailer floor.

No space was too small for getting their sleep on as yet another member of the family also slept on the floor with a pillow and blanket in what looked like the kitchen area surrounded by a curtain.

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And there were still plenty of other sleeping configurations she got creative with.

She admitted that it might not have been the most ideal situation, but the musical mom was still grateful that they were equipped with the most essential home items.

"It’s not perfect, but more comfy than a tent because there is heat, air conditioning, and a fridge," she explained of their home setup.

"Here's Elijah, he's on the top bunk," she showed another member of her big brood as another two of his siblings shared the bottom space.

The youngest trailer resident – a baby – seemed to sleep the most soundly in his crib.

The only other person who could compete with the youngster's deep snoozing was Amber's husband who seemed to be fast asleep on the couple's bed.

Many of the large family's trailer life followers were concerned about the accommodations: "You're totally okay with them sleeping on the floor while you sleep in a regular bed?"

"I nurse Mo in the bed but sometimes dad sleeps on the floor," the mom expanded on their always-changing sleeping setup.

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