I love showing off my big belly – trolls are cruel but even my high school bullies want a piece of me now | The Sun

A CURVY woman who loves showing off her belly in bikinis and crop tops has hit back at cruel trolls.

Jade, who goes by ChubbyRedhead (@chubbyred444) on social media often shares insight into what life is like for someone whose body shape isn't always loved.

Despite being comfortable in her skin now, she admitted it's not always easy when people can be so mean.

"I was the chubby girl in high school and I spent all of my years obsessing and hating over my body," she said in one clip.

But now the very same people who bullied her in school are dying to get some of her attention.

Posing in little shorts and a sports bra, the body positive influencer said: "This boy be in my dm's [direct messages] used to call me fat in high school."



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She added in the caption of the clip: "Why is it always the high school bullies coming back?"

Jade has become a flag-waver for other plus-size women who want toshow off their figure and wear whatever they like, just as she does.

“This is your sign to not let fear get in your way," Jaade told her followers in one video were she tried on a range of different bikinis.

She danced around, posed and tapped her belly and said: “I went down to the beach to take some pics for my Instagram and took a few bikinis to try on.

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“Yes, it was hella funny to see the people shocked by the marshmallow on the beach, which clearly they’d never seen before.

“I could feel their eyes burning into the back of my ginger head.

“But I just stare back until they feel uncomfortable too.”

She later added: “I love getting messages from my followers telling me they bought their FIRST bikini to wear at the beach because of me.”

But despite the positive attention, Jade still gets hate comments on almost every video she shares.

One slammed: "I don't know who these enablers are saying you look good and beautiful, I'll be honest there's nothing good looking here."

"Obesity is not okay or trendy, sort yourself out," another wrote.

A third penned: “For anyone who thinks this is okay, it's not. Being obese is not healthy and shouldn’t be shown off.” 

Another wrote: “Obesity is not healthy… you shouldn’t try promoting it.”

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