I was a hardcore goth until I went through an extreme make-under – now people don’t believe I’m the same person | The Sun

Most of us are guilty of being heavy handed with the eyeliner, especially as teens.

However, one young woman has revealed how she went from being a hardcore goth to naturally gorgeous – with her transformation stunning people on social media.

In fact, her make under is so extreme that it has gone viral on TikTok – rapidly gaining over 385,000 views on the app.

Though it is important to have your own sense of style, Yara shows just how alternative her fashion choices were in her ‘before’ photo.

As well as all black clothing, the influencer can sports raven locks and heavy foundation – both of which washes out her naturally fair skin tone.

However, the Wednesday Adams vibes don’t stop there.

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Not satisfied with just adding black lipstick, Yara also used heavy lashes and thick winged eyeliner beneath her lower lash line.  

Having mastered this alternative look, it makes her make under all the more impressive when she shows off her natural beauty in the next photo.

Proving that less is always more, the influencer’s glowing skin is finally visible through her light makeup and fake freckles.

Enhancing her looks with a little tinted lip gloss and delicate blush, her cheeks have a stunning rosy hue.

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After binning the big lashes for a swipe of mascara, many users will wonder why Yara hid her blue-green eyes behind the extensions.

Though she insist she is ‘still goth’, Yara’s transformation from hardcore goth to heartbreaker has left the internet in shock.

In the comments, she explained the reason behind her make under and told fans: “It [make up] makes me feel easily irritable when it starts feeling gross, so I just figured might as well not wear it.”

Unsurprisingly, viewers were eager to learn Yara’s beauty secrets after seeing the viral video.

One fan even begged her for a how-to-guide, saying: “Could you do a makeup tutorial? it's gorgeous!!”

Meanwhile, others complimented her on her new look and dubbed it a ‘major glow up’.

Another added: “You look beautiful both ways, I definitely am in LOVE with the soft look too.”

“Your eyes are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and your freckles match your face perfectly, you’re so pretty,” wrote a third, gushing about the influencer’s hypnotising eyes.

Despite the drastic change, some TikTokers were still nostalgic about Yara’s old make up routine.

“Wow so beautiful!!!! Black lipstick really suited you,” commented a fourth user, who was in awe of the alternative look.

“I don’t say this to a lot of people but you look amazing both ways,” added a fifth after seeing the Tiktoker’s dramatic transformation.

As the comments continued to pour in though, the influencer advised her fellow beauty lovers to wear whatever make up they wanted.

Responding to another user, she wrote: “The way your skin looks doesn't matter…its about being comfortable…that is why I changed.”

We couldn’t agree more!

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