I was amazed after getting the most passive aggressive note for my dog barking – but some people think it's genius | The Sun

A MAN was left stunned after receiving a very creative, yet passive aggressive note from a neighbour over his barking dog.

The note-creator had gone to extreme lengths in creating a cartoon drawing of what would happen if the dog continued to bark.

The upset neighbour had began his note writing: “Frendly nayburhood notis."

The deliberately incorrect spelling may have lightened the serious note, but the cartoon that followed was anything but cheerful.

The person had drawn four scenarios of the man’s dog which were acceptable, indicated by the green tick marks put beside them.

These were of the dog “peeing”, “pooping”, “playing” and “being let inside” to the house.

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However the note had a large red cross through a picture of the dog barking – and the neighbour then revealed what the consequences could be.

The cartoon showed the police being called and the dog owner being fined for his loud pooch.

A photo of the drawing was shared on Reddit, with the caption: “A letter my neighbour left in his other neighbour's mailbox due to his barking dog problems.”

The post has since racked up thousands of views, and lots of people weren’t sure about the cartoon element.

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One person commented: “This is seriously cringy.”

Another added: “Barking dogs do make people crazy.”

However, others were impressed at the amount of time it must have taken to create the note.

One wrote: “I really love everything about his drawings. They are so dang cute! I'm not sure about his message. It took a lot of work and talent to get this passive aggressive.”

According to the Environmental Protection Act 1990, any loud noise emitted from a house that interferes with their enjoyment can be considered a "statutory nuisance".

This includes ‘any animal kept in such a place or manner as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance ’ or, as government guidance on noise nuisances explains, ‘barking dogs’.

If your neighbours complain about noise in the area, local authorities have a duty to investigate and take formal action if needed.

The government website states that you could receive an unlimited fine if you aren't able to comply with a noise abatement notice.

One homeowner was fined £9,000 after their neighbours complained about the noise of their 38 dogs.

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