Freddie loses control in EastEnders as he confronts rapist dad Graham over lies

A few weeks ago in EastEnders, Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) decided to track down his real dad.

Initially, Freddie didn’t see the problem with finding Graham but that was because he remained unaware he was only conceived as a result of Graham raping Little Mo.

Once Freddie learnt the truth, he decided that he wouldn’t contact his dad anymore, but his emotions are once again challenged this week as he receives a friend request from Graham online.

Freddie blocks the request but after talking to Gina (Francesca Henry), he decides to confront Graham.

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Anna (Molly Rainford) goes along to support Freddie and when he eventually finds his dad, a showdown ensues.

Freddie demands that Graham admits he raped Little Mo, but the evil character asserts Freddie’s mum is a liar.

Back at home, Freddie is reeling after his confrontation with Graham and can’t believe his dad was so cold and remorseless.

Anna tries her best to tell Freddie that he is nothing like his dad, but Freddie continues to focus on the fact he shares DNA with a complete monster.

Emotions continue to run high throughout the week, as Freddie ends up having an argument with Stacey (Lacey Turner) and fails to get his friendship with Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) back on track.

Can he move forward after this?

Or are things going to get worse?

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