Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Sunday, October 1


You won’t want to stick to the one area for very long. Your restless mood will find more satisfaction from toing and froing between this place and the next. It’s unlikely this will see you making any great accomplishment but at least it will keep you active and occupied.


Someone at home will choose today to have a good clear out. You will be all for getting rid of some of the clutter so they can rely on your help. Something found at the back of a drawer or cupboard will be the cause of some amusement.


There are no alternatives left other than to go along with what has already been suggested even though you aren’t happy with this at all. The way you have recently reacted and acted has left you feeling you have painted yourself into a corner. You could have done things differently but you can’t turn back the clock.


Try not to rely too much on the advice of relatives and friends. They may feel they have your best interests at heart but they don’t know how you really feel. A decision you have to make is a one you should be making on your own. You aren’t being selfish, putting your own interests first.


A friend has promised more than they can deliver. You half suspected they would pull out of joint obligations so this won’t take you by surprise. For your own good, refuse to get involved in other people’s problems. Some people need to sort their own affairs out, themselves.


You will be surprised by the news a close friend or relative has to tell you. Receiving this in the form of a text message or email will also shock you when this is something you would have preferred to have been told in person.


Watch your spending. Social activities will reap havoc with your bank balance. It’s all too easy to use your bank card without considering the consequences. Postpone giving an answer to an offer or proposition you are in two minds about. You need a little more time to think this over.


New plans and ideas are about to be launched. Before this happens there are issues that must be discussed in private. If discussions go well, you might look forward to a positive and progressive time ahead. A good decision will lead to successful results.


Whatever had been planned, it will have to be revised when someone decides they don’t want to be involved anymore. After thinking about it you might even decide this is something you don’t want to continue with, too. A friend cannot be counted on to carry out promises they make you.

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In a family matter, too much debate will result in nothing. Trust your intuition and make a definite decision. Once you have done this, refuse to let anyone persuade you to change your mind. Someone nearby will hope you will give your support to a community project. Find out more.


Work carried out in private will bring most satisfaction. In a group situation trying to get your head around other people’s views and suggestions will only give you a headache. Although you enjoy some people’s company, you don’t want to be with them all of the time. You will prefer to get on, on your own.


Daydreaming is a good way to cultivate happy thoughts. Your mind is overflowing with ideas. Some people will tease you for being a daydreamer but for you, daydreaming is a natural way to relieve anxiety and stress. Just be sure to take care around machinery.

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