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WITH the colder weather well and truly here, it’s time to start thinking about ways to keep toasty over the winter months. 

And with the heating bills still so much higher than usual, most of us will warn to avoid simply cranking up the thermostat whenever it’s a bit chilly. 

So energy experts at the home-shopping website Studio have shared five simple tips to help you save energy while still staying warm at night. 

Their first recommendation is to “rearrange your furniture”, because the layout of your room can hugely impact your sleep. 

“Make sure your bed is positioned away from windows and doors to avoid any drought,” they say. 

“You also want your bed to be as close to the room’s radiator as possible without obstructing it, as this will impact the overall temperature of the room.” 

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“Allow enough space for the radiator’s heat to circulate so that the entire bedroom is nice and toasty at night,” they add. 

The second tip is to opt for a “warm but versatile” duvet, with the home whizzes pointing out that the thickest one isn’t necessarily the best option.

Rather than opting for a 15-tog duvet – the heaviest available – they say you’re better to pick one between 10.5 to 12.5, which is a happy medium and appropriate for “both the coldest and the mildest of nights throughout the season”. 

Their third piece of advice is to opt for flannel or fleece bedding, which is the warmest material to keep you snuggly even in the coldest weather. 

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“These thick alternatives are effective insulators, and not to mention cost, keeping you warm and comfortable,” they add. 

Their fourth tip-bit is that you ought to try an electric or weighted blanket, which are a perfect energy-efficient way to keep cosy. 

“An electric blanket is significantly cheaper to run than keeping your central heating on,” the experts say, “which runs up the electric bill by heating rooms not in use overnight.” 

“Many electric blankets also come with self-timers, so you can set them to be on for just an hour or two while you drift off.” 

The fifth thing recommendation is to reseal your windows at some point over the next few weeks. 

“Using a silicone-based caulk or sealant,” they explain, “you can reseal your windows yourself and save cash on hiring a professional to boot.” 

This should stave off any draughts of pesky condensation that could be causing a chill throughout the night. 

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