Paddy McGuinness gasps in terror as he loses footing on edge of 1000ft drop in stomach-churning scenes | The Sun

PADDY McGuinness was left gasping and yelling in terror after he lost his footing on the edge of a 1,000ft cliff during last night’s episode of Don’t Look Down SU2C. 

The terrifying, stomach-churning scenes came after the group of celebs were tasked with hanging over the edge of Penken Mountain in Austria with a straight drop below them.

Paddy, 50, and Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussycat Dolls were first up for the challenge. 

Their task was to hang over the edge of the cliff while keeping their heartbeats under 100 bpm. The longer it took them, the further over the edge they’d be lowered.

Before beginning, Kimberly, 41, admitted that just looking at the drop was freaking her out. 

“I like to think that I’m up for heights and I can handle it, but as I’ve discovered, I have a bit of a weakness at times. It’s become really serious,” she said. 



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Meanwhile, Paddy put on a brave front around the other celebs but later admitted he also had a few concerns about the challenge. 

“I’m really worried about this. The real worry is I’ve just had four coffees. The heart rate is going nowhere.

“And the 320m [1,000ft] drop. That’s a bit of a worry.

“It’s a massive task,” he added.

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The pair soon stepped out onto the ledge to face their fears, but things only got worse from here on out for the Take Me Out host. 

“Oh Jesus,” Paddy exclaimed as he began to lose his footing. 

He quickly steadied himself, but he wasn’t so lucky the second time around when he and Kimberly were told to move even further forward. One moment he was on the platform, the next he had fallen out of view.

Paddy let out an almighty gasp as he slipped off the clifftop. 

Kimberly looked visibly panicked while it sounded like Paddy yelled “help” from below the platform. 

The rest of the celebs looked on in horror while Chris Hughes yelled: “F*** he’s fallen off. I can’t watch” and turned away. 

However, disaster was averted as moments later Paddy climbed back up onto the platform like nothing had happened.

“I just f***king dropped off. It went too quick. I couldn’t hold myself up,” he said, brushing off his fall. 

However, it clearly affected him as once he was back on the platform, his heartbeat began to climb. 

Meanwhile, Kimberly was able to calm hers. 

But Paddy also had to steady his rising heartbeat before the pair could get their feet back on solid ground.

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Eventually, he finished the challenge and fell to the ground in relief, but seemed unhurt by his fall.

Don't Look Down SU2C continues next Tuesday on Channel 4 at 9:15pm.

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